PSG: Kylian Mbappé shocked by Real Madrid’s offer!

Shared between Real Madrid and PSG for his future, Kylian Mbappé is also looking at what is offered to him financially. And the difference is too big for his taste.

Did PSG really manage to reverse its chances of extending Kylian Mbappé? Throughout the season, there was little doubt that the Parisian number 7 was slowly but surely heading towards Real Madrid, the club that makes him dream so much and that has been seriously courting him for more than five years. But in recent days, information from France in particular, but also from England lately, ensures that the idea of ​​continuing the adventure in Paris is gaining ground in the mind of the 2018 world champion. keys to the team, but also a free hand on all of its contracts related to its image, are arguments that are listened to and heard by the Mbappé clan. Not to mention the financial aspect, which the best PSG player does not neglect that much.

Mbappé seeks to make Real pay

Often, when it was a question of commenting on the offers made to Kylian Mbappé, the amount of the salary or the signing bonus was put in the background. The former Monegasque was quick to point out that he did not make his career choice, perhaps the most important of his life, a question of big money, knowing that he will have enough to eat for a few generations with this that he will win, on one side or the other. And yet, Guillem Balague, who follows PSG and the transfer market closely, especially for the American media CBS, reveals that Mbappé has decided to play it smart to get the best possible contract… with Real Madrid.

PSG offer more than twice as much as Real

Indeed, if the noises of corridor multiply to evoke a renewed interest of the Mbappé clan for the offer of the PSG, it is also a tactic to sting Real Madrid in its pride according to Guillem Balague. The journalist assures that the Parisian striker is not at all satisfied with the efforts made by Florentino Pérez to sign him, and voluntarily leaks that the PSG is ready to go up to a salary of 75 million euros per year for keep it for two more years. For his part, Mbappé clearly hopes to use this offer to raise the stakes. ” He wants more money from Real Madrid, which is still his preferred destination. There are no other clubs interested. He wants more money in the sense, not more money than PSG can offer him, but more than what Real Madrid have offered so far, which is very far from the mark (30 million euros per year) “, Specifies Guillem Balague, who believes that it is not normal that Real Madrid cannot offer at least half of what PSG offers. In any case, proof, if necessary, that Mbappé knows precisely what he wants for his future. And Real Madrid is realizing it with the Parisian forcing which seems to show that this file is not so closed in advance as that.

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