PSG: Juventus takes the joke out of the transfer window

Eager to part with players who are not part of Christophe Galtier’s plans, PSG is pushing Leandro Paredes towards Juventus. The Italian club pulls out its biggest bluff.

PSG has started phase 2 of its transfer window. At a time when Renato Sanches is the latest recruit to date and Christophe Galtier has asked for three more reinforcements, Luis Campos and Antero Henrique are working to empty the workforce of undesirable players. Georginio Wijnaldum has joined AS Roma and another Serie A club could welcome a Parisian pushed out. This is Juventus, who have been talking for weeks with Paris SG to recover Leandro Paredes. This is even more true since Paul Pogba will be absent for a long time, even if the French international has postponed the heavy operation which would have sidelined him for months. Contrary to what happens at PSG, where Christophe Galtier does not publicly interfere with the transfer window, Massimiliano Allegri has decided to shoot the crowd. Asked at a press conference about the Leandro Paredes file, the Mister made his opinion known.

Juventus totally zaps Paredes

Sorry? We don’t need him. We have Locatelli, Rovella, a lot of good players. I’m happy like this “Said the coach of Juventus. However, this answer did not really convince the Italian press. TMW assures that it is a big bluff on the part of Allegri, who buys time because the Old Lady cannot manage to separate from Arthur in the midfield, and therefore cannot engage Paredes. It is currently difficult to find a base for the former Barcelona player, who has not reached an agreement with Arsenal, and is now discussing with Valencia, who does not want to take charge of his generous salary. Similarly, Rovella is expected to leave on loan at the end of the transfer window, which would leave a very good place for Paredes. However, for its part, PSG is stuck and is confirmed with this statement that the Argentinian is still far from signing for Juventus. The only destination that seems to satisfy the midfielder if he had to leave Paris.

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