PSG: He dreams of seeing Galtier make this crazy gesture

Christophe Galtier has recognized it, his future at PSG is logically at the heart of the questions, but he cannot worry about it at the moment. Unless he decides to drop everything.

Under contract for two years with Paris SG, Christophe Galtier has just over two months to save face. Because the season has already failed with the fiasco in the Champions League, and it is now necessary to raise the bar to seek the title of champion, which not many people dispute him however. But like the defeat this Sunday against Rennes (0-2), the PSG coach has lost control of his group and he will now have to pick up points to win an 11th title.

Galtier says he is lucid about his situation

In the meantime, questions about his future inevitably arise and Christophe Galtier is aware of this. “ I don’t project myself into my future or my future. I project myself on the ten matches that remain to finish the championship by being champion of France, by making good matches, by winning. I say that with great lucidity, trying to have the most accurate analysis. By also trying to unite the players, not to let go. The season is far from over. There are competitors behind. I’m in action, I’m not passive or worried about myself “, assured the French technician, who does not want to suffer too much from the events while the surge of news from PSG will necessarily make noise in the coming days.

Especially with only one game per week now. The atmosphere is likely to be heavy and difficult to bear for Christophe Galtier, who would do better to drop everything. This is the usual very clear-cut opinion of Daniel Riolo, convinced that the former ASSE and Lille coach would grow out of simply resigning, saying that PSG is simply impossible to coach for him. ” Galtier he couldn’t say to himself: “this club, this job, it’s not for me, I’m leaving…” is that possible? », asks the RMC polemicist, who knows that this is not an conceivable exit for a coach worthy of the name. Even if this week’s episode with the departure of Lionel Messi in full training, for a physical reason or a disagreement over Galtier’s session, weakens him even more.

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