PSG go straight to the crash with Verratti

PSG are having difficulty expressing a collective game this season. One of the areas singled out is the midfield which doesn’t seem as strong as it was a few seasons ago. Marco Verratti is the key element and his repeated absences are starting to worry.

Who is the best midfielder in Ligue 1? If some refer to Seko Fofana, others to Téji Savanier, many think that his talent Marco Verratti is unassailable. However, the Italian midfielder of PSG is so absent from the pitches that to designate him as the best player would appear curious and illogical. Because, the problem of Marco Verratti is precisely to play. The Italian hasn’t even taken part in half of the Parisian club’s matches this season. He has a total of nine appearances in Ligue 1 and three in the Champions League. In all, he has played 13 of the 27 PSG matches since August.

Verratti is not a reliable element

At a time when PSG is criticized enough for its lack of collective control, for its mistakes in the midfield, Marco Verratti appears to be increasingly essential to the proper functioning of the Parisian game. Suffice to say that its ratio of matches played makes Parisian supporters cringe and club followers like Julien Froment, journalist for France Bleu Paris. Follower of the club of the capital, he delivered a clear report on Verratti. PSG cannot rely enough on the Italian.

« There is a PSG with and without Marco Verratti. It is, in a way, the V8 engine of the PSG. When it is there, we revel in its melodious roar. It is the timing belt between defense and attack … In short, an essential part. The problem is, this engine seizes up a lot. Only 13 out of 27 possible matches, one in two matches… Unfortunately, this is a bad habit for Marco Verratti. We have to face the facts: he is not reliable, not enough at least for a club that wants to play on all fronts “, He explains on the airwaves of France Bleu. A precise diagnosis which underlines the need for Paris SG to recruit another medium in addition to Verratti. Otherwise, PSG’s exit from the road could be brutal and quick against Real Madrid in February.

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