PSG: For Neymar, Mbappé had nothing to do there

After the friendly victory against Ghana (3-0) on Friday in Le Havre, Neymar did not wish to answer a question about his relationship with Kylian Mbappé at Paris Saint-Germain. Annoyed, the Brazilian preferred to leave the mixed zone, at the risk of reviving rumors about tensions with his teammate.

All it took was one question to make Neymar’s smile disappear. A double assist for striker Richarlison, the Brazil playmaker was bound to be in good spirits after Friday’s win over Ghana in a friendly. But that was before a journalist in the mixed zone came to ask him about his relationship with Kylian Mbappé. At first, the Brazilian didn’t understand the question. Then the Paris Saint-Germain star suddenly left the mixed zone looking annoyed after the question was repeated.

Suffice to say that the rumors of tension between the two Parisians quickly reappeared. If Neymar did not want to talk about the attacker, it is necessarily because they can no longer support each other, we thought. What if his reaction simply had nothing to do with Kylian Mbappé? In the middle of a rally with Brazil, and after a successful performance on the individual and collective levels, the former FC Barcelona player was probably delighted at the idea of ​​commenting on the match and the news of the Seleção.

Neymar’s weariness

One can easily imagine that Neymar did not think he had to answer a question about his teammate at Paris Saint-Germain, especially since the subject can quickly turn controversial. Moreover, it is not certain that Kylian Mbappé would have appreciated the same question about Neymar after a meeting with the France team. These departures in selection sometimes represent a breath of fresh air for some players who probably have no desire to take this kind of subject with them.

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