PSG at the Stade de France, panic at the town hall!

Always frustrated by the town hall of Paris on a possibility of taking over the Parc des Princes, the PSG is more and more threatening. A departure for the Stade de France is possible and, in the short term. Anne Hidalgo is now forced to soften her speech.

PSG wants its stadium very quickly, whether in Saint-Denis or Porte d’Auteuil. The Parisian club has wanted to buy the Parc des Princes for several years. But, he had to undergo the refusal of the town hall of Paris and Anne Hidalgo. This one does not want to sell off a monument of Parisian heritage, especially for the sum offered by PSG. We are talking about a sum of less than 50 million euros. From there, the management of the Parisian club finally threatened to install PSG at the Stade de France. Promises have turned into concrete actions now. The Parisian club has been on the list of candidates for the takeover … of the Stade de France since last week.

Hidalgo does not want to sell but is ready to settle

An idea that does not delight Parisian supporters, strongly attached to the Parc des Princes. The main observers join them: impossible to see the PSG leave the mythical enclosure of the Porte d’Auteuil. But, PSG wants to grow on the European level with a bigger stadium and more revenue. Cornered on the file, Anne Hidalgo remains camped on her positions while dangling a way out for the Parisian club: greater freedom on possible expansion work on the Park.

I am not in a posture with regard to PSG. Nor in an intransigent position. As mayor of Paris, I don’t want to despoil Parisians. The club offered us 38 million euros to buy the Parc des Princes. A sum far removed from the true value of this priceless gem. The transfer file is now closed but I remain open to many other options, such as a development or an enlargement of the enclosure or a long-term lease, several decades, on the model of those which unite us at the Pinault and Louis Vuitton Foundations “, she said in the columns of the JDD this Sunday. A gamble from the mayor of Paris, not serene at the idea of ​​losing PSG and its financial windfall. But, not sure that this suits the Parisian club, which would finally prefer to take full advantage of its stadium.

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