PSG: Anne Hidalgo pigeonholed, the ridiculous offer from Qatar unveiled

To continue to grow PSG, Qatari leaders are looking to have their own stadium. It is therefore for this reason that they made an offer to the Paris City Hall to buy the Parc des Princes. A proposal deemed ridiculous by elected officials…

While all football followers have their eyes on Qatar and the 2022 World Cup, the club from the French capital continues to make the news. In recent hours, the potential acquisition of the Parc des Princes by the Qataris has caused a lot of ink to flow. It must be said that PSG has been negotiating for a long time with the Paris City Hall to recover the Porte de Saint-Cloud stadium. Thursday, Pierre Rabadan, the Sports Assistant, also confided that QSI had just made a first takeover offer for the Park. An informal proposal refused by elected officials, since it is considered ridiculous. According to L’Equipe, the owners of PSG have actually offered 40 million euros to recover the Parc des Princes. A sum very far from the 350 ME claimed by the town planning department of the city of Anne Hidalgo. But that can be understood, since the Qataris do not want to exceed 500 ME to have the stadium they dream of, with at least 60,000 seats. And after having already invested 85 ME to renovate the Park for Euro 2016, Qatar knows that the work to come will cost a fortune. It is therefore for this reason that Nasser Al-Khelaïfi is trying to negotiate the Park at the best price, especially since the two parties are bound by a 30-year emphyteutic lease for the Park.

40 million euros for the Parc des Princes, PSG shocks Paris

But then why has the president of PSG recently brandished the threat of the Stade de France? Everyone is asking the question. “This attitude is really hard to understand. Why make this exit all of a sudden? Unless Nasser Al-Khelaïfi has a hidden agenda. Perhaps he is seeking to give guarantees to the investors with whom he is discussing to sell a minority share of the club? », launched a close friend of both camps on L’Equipe. Via this pressure, the president of PSG surely wanted to lower the price wanted by Anne Hidalgo and her teams. But that won’t really matter, knowing that “the Mayor of Paris is not the type to give in to pressure”. With this offer and this media release, Al-Khelaïfi has therefore not moved the Parc des Princes file in the right direction. But the negotiations will still continue in the weeks to come with the desire to find common ground? Surely unless PSG is seriously thinking of buying the Stade de France from the French state or building its own stadium, which is not the strong trend.

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