PSG: Air conditioning in the middle of winter? paris panic

PSG will live from the next turbulent transfer window. The champions of France hope in particular that certain purchase options will be exercised.

In Paris, we hope to have a thunderous second half of the season. Once the World Cup is over, the Ile-de-France stars will have to put on the warm-up blue and try to take PSG as far as possible, especially in the Champions League. This will probably not be easy against an equally ambitious Bayern Munich on the European scene. Before this double confrontation, PSG should make some changes to its workforce during the winter transfer window. And a few trends should soon fall. This is particularly the case with Abdou Diallo, loaned last summer to Leipzig.

Diallo, PSG is not yet serene

Aware that his playing time would be reduced by staying in Paris, the Senegalese agreed to join Leipzig. In Germany, Diallo finds colors, he who took part in 11 matches with his new formation, including 7 as holder. A good thing for his new club but also for PSG, which has set a purchase option at 20 million euros in its loan. But if we are to believe the information of Sky Sports, Leipzig wants to take its time with the former Dortmund player … The media specifies that there are not yet discussions between the German and Parisian leaders to exercise this purchase option concerning Diallo. Enough to give PSG a few more cold sweats, which hopes to be able to relieve its coffers, especially before next summer and a transfer window which promises to be a turning point for the Parisian project. Everything suggests that the double confrontation in the knockout stages of the Champions League between Leipzig and Manchester City should seal the future of Abdou Diallo, whether in Germany or France.

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