PS candidate Anne Hidalgo unveiled the 70 proposals of her program

The PS candidate presented her program this Thursday, January 13 in Paris. In a context of half-mast polls and tensions within his own party.

A long-standing political commitment.

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Long scheduled for this Thursday, January 13, the presentation of the program of the Socialist Party candidate for the presidential election, Anne Hidalgo, was considered the linchpin of her campaign, or at least the decisive step that would allow the relaunch, between half-mast polls, waltz-hesitation around his participation in the popular primary, and tensions in his own party.

Alas, last week, was filed, on the same date, a notice of teachers’ strike, a movement to which we immediately promised a quasi-historic mobilization, at the risk of plunging into the media shadow the announcements of Anne Hidalgo .

Nevertheless, after refusing to postpone this key moment in her career as a candidate, the mayor of Paris therefore lifted the veil this Thursday, first in the columns of the World and on the antenna of France Inter, on her “70 measures to reunite France”. Among which it proposes, in particular, to increase the minimum wage by 15% and to make the environment “the fight of the century”.

Anne Hidalgo presents her program for the 2022 presidential election.

Anne Hidalgo presents her program for the 2022 presidential election.

“Revalue work”

The mayor of Paris thus intends to “revalue work”, an objective which therefore requires, according to her, a significant increase in the minimum wage, and the establishment of a rule limiting the difference between the highest wages from 1 to 20. low and highest within the same company. An idea also defended, for a long time, by Jean-Luc Mélenchon, candidate of rebellious France.

She also wants to penalize companies reluctant to establish equal pay for men and women. As for the idea of ​​a doubling of the salaries of teachers, an announcement by Anne Hidalgo which caused a sensation during the launch of her campaign, it does not seem to have been accepted. The candidate would now prefer to favor salary increases to place them at the level of those of executives.

No new nuclear reactors

The socialist candidate also wants to repeal the unemployment insurance reform decided by the outgoing government and instead entrust the social partners with the task of negotiating universal unemployment insurance. As for the retirement age, it will be maintained at 62 years. And for young people, Anne Hidalgo promises a capital endowment of 5,000 euros at 18 years old.

The other major project that the socialist candidate intends to undertake is that of the environment with in particular the promise not to build new nuclear reactors in France, and the inclusion in the Constitution of the fight against global warming.

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It also proposes the creation of an international environmental court.

Finally, in the health sector, it says it wants to train 15,000 new doctors, 1,250 midwives and 25,000 nurses each year.

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