Provocative! Yasmin Brunet appears in a sexy lingerie shoot: ‘Pleased to meet you, your little doll’

Yasmin Brunet appeared super sexy in photos shared on her Instagram. A fan of cut out fashion in her looks, the model, who recently had a romance with the singer Xamã, showed a click for “Cool Magazine” in which she appears in transparent lingerie, pantyhose and pumps. “Out of the box, so cute. Nice to meet you, your little doll,” wrote the blonde.

The followers didn’t skimp on the praise. Former affair with João Guilherme, Yasmin still appeared in another click with a black dress full of asymmetrical cutouts at friend Val Drummond’s party, who had the first appearance of Jade Picon after face surgery.

“Come with me,” wrote Yasmin. The blonde received a shower of praise on Instagram. “Gataaa”, praised former BBB Sarah Andrade. “Spectacular!” commented a follower. “Goddess,” said another. “You are so beautiful, so beautiful, too bad you still haven’t found your soulmate”, punctuated another fan.

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