provocative? Julian Classens new squeezes her breasts together

Does Julian Claßen (29) want to erase his ex Bibi (29) with his new flame? The former YouTuber dream couple has been separated since May. Currently lives Julian with their two children Lio (3) and Emily (2) in the holiday home and has already introduced his new flirt Tanja Makarić to the public. On the other hand, it has become very quiet around Bibi. Now did Tanya in Julian’s Instagram story an obscene gesture – his fans find it provocative!

on Instagram posted Julian a video of himself and Tanyaas they look together in a mirror. While the father of two holds the cell phone, the hands of his flame wander to her bust. Tanya squeezes her breasts together and makes a kissable mouth. In the following sequence, too, the YouTuber gives a glimpse of her décolleté by filming her playing air hockey. some of Julian’s Find fans: With these recordings he wants to give his ex a dig.

“I have the feeling he’s doing it all in a really nice and provocative way”one user found Instagram. Another agreed: “Exactly what I think too, like he wanted to show Bibi I don’t need you. Find him very strange.” But others also took Tanya into responsibility. She should think about how she looks on Julian’s Social media account presented. What’s your opinion? Vote below!

Tanja Makaric
Julian Classen, YouTube star

Instagram / tanjamakaric_

Tanja Makarić and Julian Claßen, July 2022

Do you also think that Julian wants to wipe out his ex Bibi with the recordings?

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