Proud dad: Machine Gun Kelly congratulates his daughter

Machine Gun Kelly (32) sends sweet birthday greetings to his little daughter! In 2009, the “Emo Girl” interpreter became the father of a little daughter for the first time: Even if Casie Colson Baker (13) rarely shows up alongside her famous father on the red carpets, the musician keeps posting pics with his offspring – now MGK congratulated his daughter via social media!

With different Instagram-Stories shared MGK Pics of his daughter: To a picture where Casie casually looking at the camera with cool sunglasses, the proud dad wrote: “You’re officially a teenager today. Happy 13th birthday, my darling”. The next story sees the father-daughter duo holding a birthday cake that has “Omg you’re a teenager” written in pink letters on it. This was followed by another shot of a second cake for Casie.

Megan Fox’s (36) fiancé has already given his fans cool insights into his life as a dad in the past – just a few weeks ago MGK proved via social media that Casie inherited her musical talent from her famous dad: In a funny clip, the 32-year-old and his daughter fought a rap battle!

Instagram / machinegunkelly

Casie Colson Baker in Machine Gun Kelly’s Instagram Story
Casie Colson Baker and Machine Gun Kelly in December 2021

Instagram / machinegunkelly

Machine Gun Kelly and Casie Colson Baker

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