Proud Czechoslovak Marika Gombitová: Return to the Czech Republic after 7 years!

And because Gombitova is famous for its meticulousness, the Bratislava meeting was preceded by several months of negotiations. And Marika, who last performed in Prague in 2017, is extremely looking forward to concerts in Bohemia and Moravia in 2024. “I have a lot of fans in Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia who write to me and I am in contact with them. Whenever I think about concerts, I automatically count on the fact that I will also sing in the Czech Republic, because I am Czechoslovakian.” the singer told us and revealed that in Prague she would like to rest her head again in her favorite hotel, which should have just been renovated after a very complex renovation.

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“Due to my health condition, I don’t like to experiment and I stick to tried and tested things with which I have good experience and already know exactly what I can expect from them. That’s why I’ve been loyal to InterContinental for many years,” says Marika. Her concerts are said to be monstrous, Marika will tell us the details right after Easter. “It will be really big concert stuff worthy of the size of a Slovak jewel named Marika Gombitová,” promises producer Ságl.

She wanted a dog Beník

The owner of 3 dogs, Marika, asked producer Ságl to come to Bratislava with her four-legged Beník. Ságl then photographed him with all the gifts he received from the singer.

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