Protect your real estate: Don’t let the cottage freeze!

Doors and frames

Check for leaks. “Precisely because of the leaky fillings of construction openings, the temperature in critical places, such as the frame and lining in its immediate vicinity, decreases by up to several degrees. In such cases, increased condensation, dampness or mold can occur,” points out Martin Macháček, regional director of Century 21.


Are you planning to come to the cottage during the winter? Then now, while it’s not melting in it, pay attention to the chimney and the heaters. Above all, their cleanliness and condition. When you come for a winter holiday or a New Year’s Eve celebration and you want to warm up as quickly as possible, this could be a stumbling block.

Swimming pool

Small above-ground pools just need to be drained and hidden. “For permanent pools, it is necessary to drain the water at least under the skimmer and nozzles, so that the ice, which increases its volume, does not destroy anything. It is also a good idea to delux the pool and treat the remaining water with winterizing agents. It is also necessary to drain the water from the filtration, or clean the pump,” advises Macháček.


Disconnect the irrigation system and all hoses and drain completely through the drain valve. Blow out the entire system and any equipment that may freeze with a compressor.

Sanitary ceramics

Drain all flush toilet tanks consistently and pour table salt into the drain, or insert a pet bottle to balance the pressure of any ice.


Drain the boiler before winter. Any frost could destroy it for good.

Roof and gutters

Clean the gutters before winter. Falling leaves and debris could have carried them. Water from the melting snow from the roof could then overflow your gutters and destroy the facade.

Set the temperature

If you are not afraid of a sudden disaster and leave the electricity on, you can set the heaters against freezing. It will maintain the temperature in the rooms, which will never drop below zero. Heating cables that are mounted on water pipes work in a similar way.

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