Prostitution, the Maiorino bill penalizes sex workers: let them decide for themselves

The senator Alessandra Maiorino presented the bill number 2537 about the prostitutionthat is, by electing the Nordic model of criminalization of customers that according to many researchers and all organizations of sex workers in reality it penalizes and criminalizes the sex workers themselves. The content of the bill is well summarized by activists transfeminists who denounce overdetermination and instrumental use of references to trans people.

If only the senator read the book Prostitutes in Revolt may know the experience of many sex workers who have been penalized and criminalized by the Nordic model. It is no coincidence that they remember Jasmine, sex worker before stigmatized by social, state and feminist organizations because she is an activist against the criminalization of sex work: this had caused the subtraction of the custody of her children entrusted to her abusive husband, who then killed her. Not only. Sex workers suffer from the penalization of clients because they will have to work in order to work hideremain in marginal and unsafe places, which obviously causes more risks and violence.

Sex workers do not even like the German model, with identification registers of registered workers and obligations towards brothels. They describe the model as positive new Zealander which decriminalizes sex work, allows female workers to be able to exercise together, without this being understood as exploitation or aiding and abetting prostitution (unlike alone they risk more), it allows them to access a system of health and institutional services for those who want to quit and want to start individual liberation paths.

A sistem punitive, prejudicial and decisive on the skin of sex workers, without consulting them, is never a good system because it is descended from the top of the moralistic conception that wealthy women have of a precarious solution, as could be any other. There is no equal commitment of abolitionism against carers or maids who work illegally. The fight against trafficking and the criminalization of sex work cannot be put in the same cauldron without addressing the laws racist that limit the movement of women who rely on traffickers for reasons of necessity. Sex work is a complex phenomenon and deserves a different attention than that dedicated to women with a Victorian flavor. Consult the sex workers, let them decide for themselves.

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