Proportional gauge, Macron is not in Ligue 1?

While the Senate voted for the application of a proportional gauge in the stadiums, it is not certain that this text will not be corrected by the National Assembly. Especially since the President of the Republic would not be for.

This Tuesday, the Senators gave morale to leaders and supporters by voting an amendment that allows to exceed the gauge of 5,000 spectators with the application of a proportional gauge. A decision that seems common sense, but must still be validated by the Deputies, who will look once again on this text linked to that of the vaccine pass. And if we are to believe L’Equipe, the chances of seeing this amendment become final are very low. Because not only Olivier Véran, Minister of Health, is against, and has already said it officially, but Emmanuel Macron in person would not be warm at all to reopen the doors of sports stadiums to the public a little more widely. ” The President of the Republic is not particularly in favor of a proportional gauge before leaving the acute phase of the Omicron variant and before the severe forms of the Delta variant diminish. He would rather avoid big gatherings », Explains the sports daily.

In order not to upset the Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 clubs a little more, the State quickly announced the details of the financial assistance that will be paid to compensate for this lack of revenue, a compensation that will reach 90% of the operating loss. But for the supporters, who still have trouble understanding the logic of this gauge, they will have to wait a little longer before knowing if they will be able to return to the stadiums, even with a mask and the vaccine pass.

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