Promises, Pierfrancesco Favino: “Men cry for love just like women”

The video interview with Pierfrancesco Favino, protagonist of Promises, a film by Amanda Sthers based on her novel of the same name, in which he is a man who lives a tormented love for a lifetime. In the hall.

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Promises: Pierfrancesco Favino in a sequence from the film

After the preview at the Rome Film Fest 2021, it is in Italian cinemas from 18 November Promises, film directed by Amanda Sthers inspired by her novel of the same name. Filmed between London and Rome, it is the story of Laura (Kelly Reilly) and Alexander (Pierfrancesco Favino): two people who love each other from the first moment they see each other and yet never manage to realize this feeling.

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Promises: Pierfrancesco Favino, Kelly Reilly in a scene from the film

Also in the cast is Jean Reno in the role of Alexander’s father. Although Alexander has a wife and daughter, he can’t stop thinking about Laura, whom he met at a party. She too, manager of an art gallery about to get married, is overwhelmed by this passion that she is unable to consume and therefore to forget.

We met Pierfrancesco Favino in Rome, where he gave us a scoop: although today we think that a romantic love like that of the two characters is an “old-fashioned” thing, it happens. And men cry for love just like women.

Video interview with Pierfrancesco Favino

Promises, the review: in the spiral of time and love

Promises and timing


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In the film, love is often a question of timing. What can we do when our timing is completely wrong?

There is little to do. It is complicated: it is a force so independent of our will that there is little to do. These characters try: but there is always some event that shifts. And it’s true, it’s a real thing: how many people have you met that if you had met at another time, or even trivially, how many books have you read that if you had read at another time you would have liked or perhaps not? How many movies? Sometimes certain films, at a certain point in your life, tell you things that they may not have told you before. It is so. You can make war with this, you can adapt to it, or, as this character does, take refuge in it for a while.

Promises and the little moments that define a life

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Promises: Kelly Reilly in una scena del film

In the film there are small recurring things: like the mustache. Can a life be summed up in small gestures and moments that perhaps are insignificant for others and instead are everything for us?

I don’t know, I think there are foundational experiences that are sometimes hidden in objects. If you happen to find something and you realize that in that small object there is a memory that no longer has to do only with that object, with that event but with many things. It is as if they were small symbols, which every now and then we find ourselves discovering in some drawer, in some pocket. And in our habits. Another very nice line in this film is friendship: these three friends are friends forever. It is not a refuge from love but a self-fulfillment. Surely this friendship is one of those appointments that however, while changing over time, remain constant.

Promises, Amanda Sthers: “Pierfrancesco Favino is a national treasure!”

Promises and unsatisfied love

Promises Photo Credits Gianni Fiorito 2

Promises: a scene from the film with Pierfrancesco Favino

This story seems out of time because it is old-fashioned love: today it seems strange for a person to cling to an idea of ​​love. Was it nice to play a love story like this as an actor?

I have this scoop to do: men are like that. Males are also like that. Males very often drink beer crying because the woman they love does not reciprocate them as they would like. Just like women. Every now and then the macistic side of this is shown here, but I think such a story is absolutely topical. I think that even today somewhere surely there are two people who love each other but that their life has led elsewhere, or people who have met for a moment and still think about each other, but do not have the courage to tell each other.

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