"prominently separated": Season 2 release date set

“Celebrity Disconnected”
The start date of the second season has been set

In “Prominent Separated – The Villa of the Ex-s” eight celebrities meet their ex-partners.


“Prominently Separated – The Villa of the Exiles” enters the second round. From mid-February, eight separate couples will be fighting for 100,000 euros.

“Prominently separated – the villa of the ex’s” returns for a second season. RTL will be showing the new episodes from February 21 via its in-house streaming service RTL+ and on TV from March 4.

The reality format takes viewers to South Africa, where eight prominent ex-couples are fighting for prize money of EUR 100,000. In doing so, they not only face the competition, but also their common past.

Participant known from “Bachelor in Paradise” and “Temptation Island”

Gloria (30) and Nikola Glumac (26), who have already failed the loyalty test at “Temptation Island”, are moving to the villa. Nikola says she wants Gloria to shed her “bitchy ways” while hoping he can see how badly he hurt her on the dating show last year. Kate Merlan’s (35) and Jakub Merlan-Jareckis (27) marriage, who married in 2021, didn’t last a year. Curvy model Marlisa Rudzio (33) and Fabio De Pasquale (28) separated earlier this year. They were “like thick and stupid”, said Fabio.

The stars Matthias Höhn (26) and Jenefer Riili (30), known from “Berlin – Day & Night”, separated before the birth of their son and had an on-off relationship. Gustav Masurek (33) and Karina Wagner (26), who became a couple through “Bachelor in Paradise”, were together for almost nine months. Since their separation in May there has been radio silence, as is the case with Michelle Kaminsky (25) and Marc-Robin Wenz (27), known from “Temptation Island”.

Silva Gonzalez (43) and Stefanie Schanze (34) from the Hot Banditoz were together for several years, but they separated privately and professionally. But according to Gonzalez, “love is still there.” Sandra Janina (23) and Juliano Fernandez (24) got in the way of future plans. While he wants to focus on his career, she wants family.


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