Producer gives good news about Death Gives You Happy Birthday 3

The Death Gives You Congratulations franchise was a pleasant surprise for fans of the horror slasher genre, and a third chapter to be approaching

Producer Jason Blum confirmed in a recent interview with Screen Rant who is in contact with filmmaker Christopher Landon, who directed and wrote the two films already released.

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“Guess who I had lunch with yesterday? Mr. Christopher Landon. And guess what we discussed? Death Gives You Congratulations 3. We discussed this. I’m not saying we’re doing it, but we discussed it. It was very at the top of our minds. I’m not saying we’re doing it, but I’m not saying we’re not doing it.”

Despite all the suspense, the conversation is encouraging for fans waiting for a third film in the franchise. However, details were not released.

More on Death Gives You Congratulations

Happy Death Day is a famous horror/thriller film released in 2017. The direction is by Christopher B. Landon, who also signs the script alongside Scott Lobdell.

Synopsis: College student Tree Gelbman mistreats people and doesn’t seem to be very willing to take her father’s calls on his birthday. At the end of the same day, however, she is brutally murdered by a masked man. It turns out that she survives, or rather, wakes up on the same fateful day, in a kind of macabre loop that always ends with the girl’s death. Reliving this day gives Tree a chance to investigate who her killer is.

The cast includes names like Jessica Rothe, Isarl Broussard, Ruby Modine and Rachel Matthews.

The success of the long slasher was so much that, in 2017, the sequel A Morte Dá Te Pós 2 (Happy Death Day 2U) was released.

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