Producer CONFIRMS plans for sequel to ‘Earthquake: The San Andreas Fault’, with Dwayne Johnson

the producer Hiram garcia talked with the Screen Rant about the sequence of ‘Earthquake: The San Andreas Fault‘, which should happen soon.

“We have ideas. We are working on something about how we can continue this story. So look, disaster movies are a lot of fun and that was a great concept. Our friend Beau Flynn came up with the idea to be like, ‘You know what? You love disaster movies. And I would love the idea of ​​doing something based on a giant earthquake on the San Andreas Fault.’ So New Line and Warners have always wanted a sequel to that. We’ve been working hard to find out how we could innovate something in that space. But we would love to continue telling the story in this world. And I agree with you, there is something just for the great cataclysmic… I feel that Roland Emmerich is the master at this. He, nobody wants to destroy the world anymore, but we would like to try to take some pieces of it and see what we can explode too.”, he stated.

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the duo Neil Widener e Gavin James (‘Master Trick 3’) scripts the sequence.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson will return as the protagonist, a rescue helicopter pilot who will now have to survive a series of volcanoes.

The studio plans to work much of the first film’s cast, which also featured Carla Gugino (‘Watchmen – The Movie’) and Alexandra Daddario (‘Percy Jackson and the Sea of ​​Monsters’).

the producer Beau Flynn and the director Brad Peyton (‘Trip 2’) also return.

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‘Earthquake: The San Andreas Fault’ collected $470 million worldwide.earthquake-posterdwaynejohnson

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