Procedure to look like the famous? Expert evaluates patient behavior and tells if effort for beauty pays off

Who has never compared himself to an idol? Who has never seen a procedure that an artist performed, liked the result and wanted to do the same? Let him throw the first stone, right? The specialist and surgeon doctor Sidney Necklaces revealed that it is common for the patient to arrive with references from famous people, but that it is sometimes worrying due to the excess of comparison.

“To be honest, almost 60% of my patients say this, I want my nose to look like a so-and-so, I want my lips like that here in the photo. These are very funny situations and also a little worrying, because my criteria is always to enhance beauty more that exists in each patient, to individualize each procedure for each person”, he says.

“Each patient has its delicacies, its marks, its history, its personality. We can even use it as inspiration, but we don’t leave the same, because the name is already self-explanatory: harmonization. and complete the individualized beauty”, he adds.

“My procedures at HOF are not just aesthetic, they are also based on needs, so I always try to do what is necessary to be clear, combine the useful with the pleasant and satisfy the patients in the best possible way”, says the specialist.

Aesthetic procedures from celebrities that are on the rise

Names like Virgínia Fonseca, Angelina Jolie and Joelma are the most mentioned in consultations with Dr Sidney.

“Social networks have a strong influence on facial harmonization, the people who are most popular there are always the most requested in the office. Virginia, Angelina Jolie and Joelma are the most loved ones around here. I always receive them as inspiration to carry out something procedure,” he says.

“For men, Alok is always shown to me, his jaw angle is very harmonious, so since men’s makeup is a beard, how can you not want a well-marked jaw angle, you know?”, he comments.

Expert warns about care in procedures

Sidney also made an important warning about excess. It’s no secret that everything that is too much is bad for you, isn’t it? The doctor highlights this, how harmful the excesses of procedures can be and points out that most excess cases happen in hyaluronic acid fillers.

“If it’s excessive, it avoids harmonizing, the name itself says, the purpose is to make beauty more harmonious. I’m not in favor, everything in excess is not good. for sure, too much HOF makes you sick and very bad, because in addition to harming your appearance and self-esteem, it damages your health a lot”, he points out.

“The most common risks of excess hyaluronic acid are: local or generalized inflammatory reactions (sepsis), swelling (edema), redness (erythema) and heat (flushing) at the application site. arteries and veins, due to clogging we have no blood flow in the area and this area is becoming necrotic and for a more adequate healing treatment we have to debride the site and in most cases do a skin graft taken from another area”, he details.

Avoid damage and trauma

doctor Sidney exemplifies the case of patients who do not agree with his opinion and ask for more product application.

“There will always be different tastes, different expectations. And as I explained, I try to work at HOF to harmonize each person’s individual beauty, however, what I think is ideal is not always what I think is ideal. will not harm the local or general functionality of any organ of my patient, I try to put a little more hyaluronic acid and reach the level of initial expectation”, he concludes.

Orofacial harmonization is something extremely serious and should only be performed by trained professionals, since they must know how to deal with pressure from patients.

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