Probation remains: Ernst August fails in court

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Suspended sentence remains
Ernst August fails in court

In the spring, Ernst August was sentenced to a suspended sentence in Austria. He is said to have physically attacked his administrator and a police officer while intoxicated in the summer of 2020. The Guelph Prince appeals against the judgment – and thus fails in court.

Ernst August Prince of Hanover failed in Austria with an appeal against a judgment of the regional court in Wels. The Linz Higher Regional Court confirmed the ten-month suspended sentence imposed on the 67-year-old. The district court had taken it as proven that Ernst August attacked police officers while he was in a state of intoxication and severely threatened an administrator couple working on his property.

Ernst August himself did not appear at the trial date. He wanted to avoid “another media spectacle”, he informed the court. His lawyer also stated that his client was a high-risk patient and wanted to avoid crowds of people indoors due to corona. His health has improved a lot. “He wants to have his peace and quiet and dedicate himself to his recovery.”

May re-enter property

In its judgment, however, the higher regional court overturned all court instructions. The defendant was in a state of emergency at the time of the act and had already undergone therapy, said the judge. In addition, he has since behaved inconspicuously. This allows the great-grandson of the last German emperor to re-enter his property in Upper Austria. It was precisely this point that caused outrage among Ernst August when the regional court ruled, as he had been banned from living there for three years.

The original trial in March revolved around several incidents in the summer of 2020. The starting point was an emergency call to the police in which an apparently confused elderly man felt threatened and described him as ill. When the patrol arrived at the property of the caller, who turned out to be Ernst August, the officers said they were initially witnesses of his aggressive behavior towards his administrator. But then Ernst August’s anger is said to have been directed against the police officers, one of whom he even slapped in the face. In addition, he attacked the two of them with a sharpening stick.

Ernst August only went to the cure in the summer of this year because of his health problems – due to his low body weight, as he explained in an interview with RTL. He had to build up a few muscles, according to the great-grandson of the last German emperor. At a height of 1.82 meters, he weighs just 60 kilograms. He emphasized: “I have to gain weight.”

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