Probably the craziest action film of the year: Now you can stream the riot spectacle on Netflix

With “Carter”, Netflix fans can expect a true tour de force in terms of hyper-action in a class of its own, as the trailer alone demonstrates.

Of the Duden describes the action film as “Feature film with an exciting plot and turbulent, often violent scenes”. That hits the bull’s eye. More than any other genre, the story of an action film is not driven by dialogue but by the actions of the protagonists. And more than any other genre, action films have decisively influenced the development of the medium of film over the past few decades.

But like in hardly any other genre, the tolerance of the audience increases from film to film in the action genre: the stunts have to become more and more dangerous, the explosions bigger and the action choreography more and more demanding in order to still generate an adrenaline rush in the viewers. Steps backwards are punished by the audience, as master director Christopher Nolan (“Tenet”) already emphasized when he spoke about the “Fast & Furious” series, which he personally loves. So it’s no wonder that the body count in the “John Wick” films, i.e. the number of those killed visibly in the film, has continued to rise. In “John Wick” there were 92 deaths, in “John Wick: Chapter 2” it was already 125, while in “John Wick: Chapter 3” it was a whopping 181.

Even more important than the highest possible body count, however, is fresh viewing pleasure. The “Matrix” films inspired audiences with the bullet-time effect, which was new in films at the time. However, sometimes the audience doesn’t take well to something original, see “Hardcore”, which takes place from the main character’s point of view throughout the film.

Give “Hardcore” a chance – it’s worth it! Stream on Amazon now

Such gimmicks obviously work better when used carefully, for example in the fantastic South Korean action firework “The Villainess” by director Byung-gil Jung. And that filmmaker is now in touch “carter” back you stream now on Netflix can. The following trailer alone is a feast for the eyes and announces what is probably the craziest action film of the year:

For comparison, you can watch the first teaser trailer for the spectacle here:

In “Carter,” the titular agent (Joo Won) wakes up with no memory whatsoever. But then he hears a woman’s voice, which seems to come straight out of his head. And that voice is the only thing that can save him from the agents of the CIA, the North Korean soldiers and a group of infected people. Carter must complete his mission to uncover the mystery of a rampant pandemic – and find a way to defuse the bomb in his mouth in the process.

“Carter”: action madness without a single cut!

did you recognize it The camera continuously focuses on the main character played by Joo Won and rotates in a larger radius around him, depending on the situation. In contrast to “Hardcore”, this third-person perspective, known from video games, creates a more classic and therefore familiar image without losing dynamics.

But the reason behind it is even more blatant: Director Jung conceived and staged the film as a one-shot in real time, so there is not a single cut (!), at least not a visible one. Sam Mendes did the same with the war film 1917. However, with the help of clever editing, he only suggests that this is a single shot. The filmmaker has not yet revealed to what extent this is also the case with Jung.

“Carter” has been running since August 5, 2022 on Netflix. Action fans should definitely not miss this. Especially since South Korean action films belong to the absolute upper class.

Now it’s your turn! As true action experts, you will surely be familiar with these genre classics, right?

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