Priyanka Chopra Struggle Story: When PC was scolded because she do not knew dance, Revealed in Prabhu Chawla Show

When Priyanka Chopra stepped into Bollywood, she did not know dance. Due to this many times he had to listen to scolding.

Priyanka Chopra has earned a lot of name in Bollywood as well as Hollywood. But when he stepped into Bollywood, he could not dance. Due to this many times he had to listen to scolding. One such anecdote was mentioned by Priyanka Chopra in Prabhu Chawla’s show. Priyanka was then shooting for her first film, Andaaz with Akshay Kumar, Lara Dutta.

In Aaj Tak’s show, ‘Sidhi Baat’, the actress had told, ‘I learned dance later. I could not dance at all. I was too young. I was 18 when I started shooting for Andaz. In his first schedule…I remember it took at least five hours for a single shot.’

Priyanka had further told, ‘I was scolded a lot by Raju Khan, who was our choreographer. When the shot was over, I came back. Dharmesh Darshan told me that you should learn dance. Then I learned Kathak with my Guruji Pandit Veeru Krishna, for a year and a half. He helped me a lot in all types of dance.

Priyanka Chopra started her career with modeling and in the year 2000, she won the title of Miss World. After this, the doors of the film world opened for Priyanka, but she also had to struggle a lot. Some time ago in an interview given to Vogue magazine, Priyanka had told that directors used to shout at her and she was thrown out even after signing from films.

Priyanka Chopra has also mentioned her early struggles in her autobiography, ‘Unfinished’. He wrote, ‘Being an outsider, I too had to face it and I used to be thrown out of films overnight. I was replaced and given my role to some other actress because I was an outsider and those actresses used to have some older man’s recommendation. I used to get very sad because of this but then I used to take care of myself.

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