Priscilla Alcântara criticizes Bruna Karla after homophobic comment: ‘Wrong on many levels’

Priscilla Alcantara released the verb against Bruna Karla and countered the singer, who said she refused to attend a friend’s wedding. In an interview with PocCast on Youtube, which recently had Brianca Andrade exposing threesomes at ‘Farofa da GKay’, the singer also explained why she abandoned her career in gospel music.

“It’s very sad, it’s rotten. It’s wrong on so many levels. Man, every time I open my mouth, my concern shouldn’t be to voice my opinion. First, that opinion wasn’t made to be given, it was made to have. You only give yours when they ask you”, he told presenters Lucas Guedes and Rafael Uccman.

Priscilla, who got involved in a controversy after receiving advice from Yudi Tamashiro, pointed out a lack of empathy in Bruna’s speech. “When you’re going to speak, you have to do the exercise of always thinking about how your speech will reach the next. What I believe is that I have to be careful about how the things I say will reflect in your life”, completed, quoting a biblical passage afterward.

Regarding her departure from gospel music, she stated: “I think it’s okay to sing about other themes because believers are people too. Why talk about just one aspect of yourself, when you have so many others? Today I write more about love themes”.

Bruna Karla is criticized by celebrities after speaking on Karina Bacchi’s podcast

Bruna Karla, who had her speech criticized by Ludmilla, Jojo Todynho and Gil do Vigor, was interviewed on the Positiva podcast, by actress and presenter Karina Bacchi, revealed that she had refused her friend’s proposal to sing at a wedding.

“There was a friend who asked me: ‘Bruna, when I get married will you go to my wedding?’. I looked at him, I was very sincere and said: ‘Oh, when you marry a beautiful woman full of the power of God, I will.’ I’m talking about a friend, a homosexual, that we have this freedom, and I said that the day I accept to sing at a wedding with another man, I can stop singing about the Bible and about Jesus”, said Karla.

“There at the trial, when Jesus returns, if he is, he will say: ‘wow, Bruna walked with me, she knew I was wrong, that the path I was choosing was eternal death'”, he added.

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