Priscila Vaz talks about work in the American film “Secrets” alongside Danni Suzuki

“Secrets” is the name of the newest Hollywood feature film that has been recorded on Brazilian soil, in the city of Passo Fundo, in Rio Grande do Sul. Danni Suzuki and andmiliano Ruschel, who also signs the film’s direction.

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the brazilian actress Priscilla Vaz, who started his career in 2016, in the soap opera “Slave Mother” from TV Record, will participate in the film and tells about the invitation to the project.

“I was in Rio de Janeiro and got a call from the film’s casting director, Roma Júnior, inviting me to audition for the character. I took the test in two languages, in English and Italian, and an interview with two of the directors, Roma Júnior and Marcelo Caldas. I also did a monologue, which is a presentation of a specific scene for the character in English”, she describes.

Priscila talks about her preparation to receive the character, and reveals that she sought to improve her English language.

“The entire film was shot in English, and even though I lived outside Brazil, I trained with English language teachers to help me with the accent for the character”, says the actress.

She also reveals her experience working with actresses Danni Suzuki and Sammy Lee.

“Danni Suzuki is wonderful, both as an actress and as a person! Even recording all day, she always found a break in her day to rehearse with everyone! It was very gratifying to record with her and all the other actors on set. As for Sammy Lee, in my recording days, she was no longer present in Joinville, and we ended up not meeting, but soon, the whole cast will be together and I’ll meet her”, she explains.

Priscilla, who will play Katharine in the movie “Secrets”, says that her character is immersed in mystery and suspense, and that’s the story that audiences can expect! She also reveals her next steps from the film.

“At the moment, I’m in a new project for a feature film, called “Kobra”, a police action film, with a screenplay by the award-winning Alexandre Fraga for international cinema. The project will be shot in the middle of the second half of the year and I’m already looking forward to the preparation of the film that will start soon! I have now returned to Brazil and everything is new for me, I intend to dedicate myself even more to my acting career”, she concludes.

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