Princess Victoria of Sweden: Does Princess Victoria have to go to war in an emergency?

Princess Victoria of Sweden
Would she have to go to war in an emergency?

Princess Victoria of Sweden during a National Guard military exercise in Sälenfjällen

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Princess Victoria of Sweden started another military training in February 2022. The court expert Herman Lindqvist has classified why the future queen decided to take this step and whether it means moving into a war zone for her.

Princess Victoria, 44, is preparing for her role as heir to the Swedish monarchy. The fact that the princess is now undertaking further training within the armed forces in addition to her basic military training is one of the obligations of a future queen, as court expert Herman Lindqvist explains to the newspaper “Svensk Damtidning”.

Princess Victoria of Sweden should be able to lead military operations

For the 44-year-old, it goes without saying that she is informed about military operations and projects. But mere interest is not enough. “The idea is that in case of war she will be part of the leadership,” Lindqvist said. Through her previous education and visits by the Swedish Armed Forces both at home and abroad, Princess Victoria has a great deal of knowledge that she will continue to deepen. The goal should be for Prince Daniel’s wife, 48, to be able to support the soldiers on a strategic, operational and tactical level.

Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel of Sweden

Royal expert: ‘All our royal heads of state have had military training’

This further training is not uncommon in the royal family. On the contrary: King Gustav VI. Adolf, †91, who ruled before the current King Carl Gustaf, 75, was commander-in-chief. “Queen Christina [Tochter des schwedischen Königs Gustav II. Adolf, Anm. d. Red.] could shoot, ride and hunt. Victoria will one day be Head of State, and all of our Royal Heads of State have had military training,” concludes Herman Lindqvist.

The palace announced Victoria’s plans in an official statement in early February: “As heir to the throne, the Crown Princess is continuously learning about Swedish defence, including through visits to various operations and through training courses such as the one starting now.” On February 14, 2022, the first training course started at the headquarters in Stockholm.

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