Princess of Wales: How she saves William from a diplomatic dilemma

The Princess of Wales could save her husband an unpleasant conflict in the long run. The sporty Catherine is traded as patron of the Welsh Football Association. A smart move that could put William out of the line of fire.

Just a few days ago, Prince William, 40, probably became aware of a conflict that he had not really considered up to that point: the heir to the throne had to justify his support of the English national football team at the World Cup in Qatar during a visit to Cardiff . As Prince of Wales, he has a certain obligation to cheer for the Welsh team. However, he is also President of the English Association. A currently smoldering conflict that could soon be resolved by the use of the Princess of Wales, 40.

Princess of Wales: How she puts William out of the line of fire

However, William is still standing with both feet between the chairs during the World Cup. He will be under close observation by November 29, 2022 at the latest. Then, in Group B, England and Wales meet at the Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium. Now tact is required. During his visit to Wales, it was still a bit bumpy. “I tell everyone I support them both, definitely. I can’t lose like that,” he said during a visit to the Welsh Parliament, but admitted: “I’ve supported England since I was little.”

His delicate attempt at apology and at the same time the hidden partisanship must have been received with mixed feelings, after all, the Prince of Wales should set priorities: After all, the country’s team in the south-west of Great Britain has qualified for a World Cup for the first time in 64 years.

Another attempt at diplomacy came just a day after the opening of the World Cup. King Charles’ eldest, 74, tweeted a diplomatic salute in English and Welsh: “I wish Wales and England the best of luck as they start the World Cup today,” William wrote on November 21, adding: “I look forward to to watch.”

Catherine’s potential patronage is currently being discussed

But that is by no means the end of the obvious dilemma. William is certainly aware of that. How fortunate that his wife Catherine is apparently on the verge of becoming patron of the Welsh Football Association. A wise move to save William, who got into trouble, from the diplomatic embarrassment, as the “Express” also thinks.

Duchess Catherine

“It is being discussed as part of a much larger review of royal patronage,” a source told the newspaper. The Prince of Wales is sure to put in a good word for his wife behind the scenes. With this solution, he could cleverly avoid falling offside in football.

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