Princess Märtha Louise was fired as a royal – now she is being celebrated

Princess Märtha Louise had to withdraw from her official duties in the Norwegian royal house earlier this month.

But after prolonged criticism of especially her relationship with the controversial shaman Durek Verrett, there is now finally some tailwind for the reviled Norwegian princess.

Norway’s largest women’s magazine, KK, has named Princess Märtha Louise as the country’s best dressed.

In ninth place, the almost 150-year-old weekly has placed the princess’s mother, Queen Sonja.

And it is the queen who first thanks Princess Märtha Louise in a post on Instagram for inspiring her in terms of style and “always being a style icon” – and the princess’s three daughters also get a thank you along the way for keeping her “up-to-date on the fashion front”.

Princess Märtha Louise’s controversial fiance, the shaman Durek Verrett, also gets a thank you.

“Thank you for your sense of style and fashion and because you make sure that I always go out the door looking great,” reads the thanks in the post.

Princess Märtha Louise also explains that she is “overwhelmed and very proud, and a little surprised” by the distinguished recognition as Norway’s best dressed woman.

The princess does not have much support for her title due to her engagement to Durek Verett. Most recently, the Norwegian Crown Prince Haakon has admitted that although he likes his sister Princess Märtha Louise’s fiancé, the self-proclaimed shaman Durek Verrett has caused problems for the royal family – most recently by claiming that he was cured of corona by the type of spiritual medallions , he himself sells for DKK 1,600. Now Crown Prince Haakon supports the decision that his sister has been stripped of her royal duties.

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In a large interview with the magazine, Princess Märtha Louise also says, among other things, that she feels more beautiful now than in her 20s, and that she is looking forward to the wedding with Durek Verrett, but has not yet made plans for the wedding dress.

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