Princess Märtha Louise: This is how she enjoys her newfound freedom

Princess Martha Louise
Get out of the royal constraints – into life

Durek Verrett and Princess Martha Louise

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Princess Märtha Louise has freed herself from the royal shackles and is embarking on new adventures. She is currently enjoying the time together with her fiancé Durek Verrett in the USA. A new life that rocks – literally!

Princess Märtha-Louise, 51, has left her home country Norway behind for a few days and is apparently celebrating the new chapter in her life that she would like to open together with Durek Verrett, 48. The daughter of King Harald, 85, and Queen Sonja, 85, has chosen love and exciting projects with her loved one. She has stripped off her royal obligations with the official resignation of her duties. But no trace of melancholy! Märtha-Louise is enjoying her newfound freedom to the fullest.

Princess Märtha-Louise breaks away from the royal family

It was a royal bang that couldn’t be ignored that shook Norway on November 8, 2022: The court announced Märtha-Louise’s withdrawal from her official duties in the royal family. “Princess Märtha Louise would like to help ensure that her own activities are more clearly separated from the connection to the royal household. Therefore, the princess is renouncing her official duties and will not represent the royal household,” said an Instagram post on the official account of the royal family. “The King has decided that the Princess will keep her title, but Princess Märtha Louise and her fiancé Durek Verrett will not use the title for their commercial activities.”

Princess Martha Louise

With this decision, the king and his daughter apparently reacted in close consultation to the criticism of Märtha-Louise’s professional activities with the man, who earns his living as a shaman, which has been smoldering for years.

In celebration mode with Durek Verrett

But there was no trace of Katzenjammer on the Royal shortly after the announcement of their withdrawal. Just a few days later, Märtha-Louise threw an early private birthday party for Durek at her home in the Oslo suburb of Lommedalen. Despite the supposed family crisis, Princess Mette-Marit, 49, and Prince Haakon, 49, were among the illustrious guests. Shortly thereafter, the couple traveled to the USA to celebrate the new year of the shaman with their American friends.

Exuberant concert evening at the “Smashing Pumpkins”

And now the time seems to have come for completely unroyal amusement for two: Durek posted a photo together with his future wife and the musician Jimmy Chamberlin, 58, on Sunday, November 20, 2022. The drummer of the “Smashing Pumpkins” seems to the couple in love an unforgettable evening at a concert by the cult band, as Verrett’s comment reveals.

“Date night with my beloved Martha Louise. I took her to the Smashing Punpkins thanks to one of my best buddies of about 20 years, Jimmy Chamberlin,” the 48-year-old wrote. “This soulful wise man has always been there for me during difficult times in my life. We performed together on stage at Soho House in Chicago to a full house,” reveals the princess’ fiancé. Durek already posted in 2016 short video of rehearsals to the joint project.

The shaman and the drummer seem to have been closely connected for a long time. In any case, at the backstage meeting, the two pose beaming up to their ears with the princess, who also looks happy. The new life of Märtha-Louise has obviously got a rousing rhythm – and that seems to carry her into an exciting future.

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