Princess Märtha Louise: Princess Märtha Louise’s fiancé takes action against the press

Luck should actually prevail at the moment, but Princess Märtha Louise and her newly fiancé Durek Verrett have reason to grumble. A Danish magazine has been targeted by the shaman. The newspaper is said to have violated the Norwegian Press Code by reporting on his health.

Princess Märtha Louise, 50, will probably have strengthened his back in this incriminating matter: Durek Verrett, 47, is said to have lodged a complaint with the Norwegian Press Association against a Danish magazine. The future son-in-law of King Harald, 85, and Queen Sonja, 84, believes that the Norwegian edition of the magazine “Se og Hør” violated the national press code in several respects.

Princess Märtha Louise: Her fiancé Durek Verrett lodges a complaint

With a beaming smile, Verrett showed himself from his best side at two official events with the Norwegian royal family last week. But behind the scenes, as it turned out on June 22, 2022, things were already brewing.

As reported by the Norwegian media, Verrett has contacted the complaints office of the Norwegian Press Association Pressens Faglige Utvalg [PFU; wörtlich: “Pressefachausschuss”, Anmerkung der Redaktion] Filed a lawsuit against the magazine. “I can confirm that ‘Se og Hør’ has received a complaint from Shaman Durek. ‘Se og Hør’ looks forward to a thorough review by the committee and their assessment of the case. We are currently working on a response to the complaint and are holding it It is therefore not a matter of course to comment further on the matter before it is examined by the press professional committee,” says Ulf André Andersen, editor-in-chief of “Se og Hør”.

It’s about these points

Durek Verrett accuses the magazine of violating several points of the Norwegian press code in an article about his state of health. The stumbling block is an article from December 17, 2021 entitled “Revealed: Durek is seriously ill”, which read, among other things, that “To the knowledge of ‘Se og Hør’ Verrett has a serious kidney disease and three to five days of the week requires dialysis treatment”, as can be read on the magazine’s website.

In his complaint, the 47-year-old found that the magazine had violated several sections of the Norwegian press code Vær Varsom-plakaten (VVP) with the article. It is about three paragraphs in particular, which admonish, among other things, to be considerate, to be objective in terms of content, respect and respect for privacy. The complaint to the PFU shows, among other things, that “Se og Hør” contacted Durek Verrett before the report, asking for an interview about his alleged illness. However, Verrett declined the request.

Princess Martha Louise stands behind Durek

Princess Märtha Louise made a statement shortly after the article was published: “Information about our own health is one of the most sensitive and private things we have,” she told the Norwegian news agency NTB through her manager Carina Scheele Carlsen. “Hence, it is a criminal offense to disclose health information and it is a criminal offense to publish health information about anyone without express consent.” Durek Verrett did not want to be involved in the article and, according to NTB, told Se og Hør that he did not want his illness to be mentioned.

Martha Louise and Leah Isadora Behn

Only on June 16 and 17, 2022 did the shaman take part in two gala dinners on the occasion of Princess Ingrid Alexandra’s 18th birthday. “I made history”, he cheered a few days later on Instagram and referred to a group photo that showed him surrounded by the Norwegian royal family and members of other European royal families. “This photo will forever go down in royal and world history.” This side of the gold medal shines, but there is also another, the dark side of life in the midst of a prominent royal family – and this is what Durek had to learn the hard way for the first time.

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