Princess in a secret place: Charlène cancels public appearance

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Princess in a secret place
Charlène cancels public appearance

What’s wrong with Monaco’s Princess Charlène? In the meantime, she has returned to her homeland after spending months in South Africa. But there is still not much to see of her. Now she cancels a planned appearance on the national holiday.

It has been around a week since Princess Charlène returned to Monaco from South Africa. Since then, we have only seen a few photos of her that seem carefully staged. The pictures show the emaciated 43-year-old with her two twins Jacques and Gabriella and her husband, Prince Albert. Unlike the rest of the family, she did not take off her black mask for the recordings.

But apart from these few photos taken immediately after their return, there is radio silence around Charlène. Her husband once again attended the “Monte-Carlo Circus Festival” in Dubai without her. Instead, his sister Stéphanie accompanied him to the event at the world exhibition in the desert state, which is called “Expo 2020” but is only now taking place due to the corona pandemic.

No return to the palace?

Only the speculations about Charlène continue to overturn. It was recently rumored that the princess might not return to the palace. Instead, she moved into an apartment around 300 meters away, in which she had already lived at the beginning of the year before she left for South Africa. The rumor was fueled by a statement by Charlène’s sister-in-law Chantell Wittstock in the “Daily Mail”: “It is still unclear where she will settle. Perhaps she will commute between the two locations, depending on where she feels comfortable.”

Only a few days later, the next hammer follows, which should also fuel speculation about a possible love crisis between Charlène and Albert: The princess canceled her participation in the celebrations for the city-state’s national holiday this Friday.

This was announced in a written communication from the palace. “Her Highnesses have jointly decided that a period of rest and relaxation is necessary in order to restore Princess Charlène’s health as best as possible,” it says. Charlène needs time to recover from a state of general exhaustion. To ensure this, she is in a secret location. Where it is located will be treated “strictly confidential”.

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(For now) no happy ending

“In view of this situation, the princely couple regret to announce that Princess Charlène will not be able to take part in the national holiday celebrations with her family and the people of Monaco this year,” it continues. As soon as her health allows it again, Charlène will resume her royal duties and spend time with the Monegasque. They will continue to report on the state of health of the princess, but ask that the princely family’s privacy be respected.

Charlène had traveled to South Africa in the spring and had been stuck there for months. According to official information, health problems that made flying impossible were the reason for her unplanned long stay in her former home country. Allegations that there could also be marital problems between them were rejected by Charlène and Albert several times. However, the story still seems a long way away from a real happy ending.

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