Princess Diana (†): That was Princess Diana’s actual career aspiration

Princess Diana (†)
That was her actual career aspiration

Princess Diana

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Did you know this info about Princess Diana? In her youth, the “Queen of Hearts” had a very specific career aspiration.

25 years after Princess Diana died in a tragic car accident in Paris, details about her life are coming to light. Although her passion for ballet was already known, it is only now that it is becoming clear how great her desire to become a professional ballet dancer was.

Princess Diana had great talent

In 1985, Princess Diana surprised everyone with a dance performance with ballet star Wayne Sleep at the “Royal Opera House” – a birthday present for her husband Prince Charles, 74. “She had great talent and she could have become a professional dancer,” said Sleep 2021 in an interview with “Bild”. “I still remember clearly when we took the applause together on stage after our dance to ‘Uptown Girl’. Diana had tears of joy in her eyes. She was happy. We got a standing ovation that didn’t want to end. Still have today I get goosebumps thinking about those moments.” Diana is said to have told Wayne Sleep several times that becoming a ballet dancer was her childhood dream.

Princess Diana in the ballet in 2003

Princess Diana in the ballet in 2003

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Passion passed on to granddaughter Charlotte

When Diana started ballet in her youth, little did she know that her height would destroy her dream of dancing. She was simply too big to be a professional dancer. She could have done it, said her former ballet teacher Anne Allan in the documentary “Diana: In Her Own Words”. “When I first met her, you could see that she was very shy. But over time, as she stayed longer in dance class, it became clear how much her dance meant. She had dancing in her soul. I realized the sheer joy it brought her. She loved the freedom of being able to move and dance. She loved it. I could see that it helped ease her emotional life. It was hard for her at the time. “

Diana’s granddaughter Princess Charlotte, 7, also loves ballet. In 2018, Catherine, Princess of Wales, 40, secretly took her to a rehearsal of the ballet The Nutcracker at the opera house where Diana was dancing at the time.

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