Princess Amalia: New details about her studies in Amsterdam

A big change is coming for Princess Amalia: From September 5, 2022, the heir to the Dutch throne will study in Amsterdam. An exciting but also exhausting time that awaits Amalia.

After graduating from high school with honors last year and being involved in a number of projects in the months that followed, Princess Amalia, 18, now knows what she wants to do in the future. The palace announced this in an official statement on May 30, 2022. The heir to the throne will start her bachelor’s degree in Politics, Psychology, Law and Economics (PPLE) at the University of Amsterdam from September this year and will also move to the Dutch capital for her studies.

Princess Amalia will live here

A few days ago it was also announced where Amalia will live. According to the magazine “Weekend”, the princess is to move with some friends to a student house just one kilometer away from her cousin Countess Eloise, 20. Eloise has recently moved near the Keizersgracht. It is not yet known who exactly will move into the spacious property with Amalia – but discretion should also be the greatest asset. “If you keep quiet as a roommate, then you’ll probably be friends with the crown princess for life. After all, that’s very much appreciated,” says Justine Marcella, editor-in-chief of Vorsten magazine.

Heir to the throne is a member of a controversial student fraternity

The safety of Princess Amalia has top priority during her studies, the bodyguards of the heir to the throne will be in her student house at all times of the day and night and will accompany her to every lecture. So she cannot lead a normal student life, as Amalia might dream of. Nevertheless, she would like to become a member of a fraternity, as she announced in June: “Studying comes first. Studying is important. It’s not just about fun and partying. I’d like to become a member of a fraternity. I don’t know yet , which one, but I’m really looking forward to it. Meeting a lot of new people, learning a lot of new things.”

Now it is also clear to which fraternity Amalia feels attracted. She is said to have become a member of the women’s student club “KARAAT”, which is part of the women’s section of the “Amsterdamsch Studenten Corps”, which has recently fallen into disrepute. The introductory period is said to have already begun, reports “Weekend”.

Bodyguards follow her every step – this could disturb other students

And what do the fraternities say about the Crown Princess’ interest? “They find it a bit annoying because it’s a closed community where everyone can do whatever they want. They definitely don’t want photos to be published. Then someone comes along who both monitors and takes the risk that photos will leak out,” says Royal journalist Annemarie de Kunde on the TV program “RTL Boulevard”.

In contrast to her fellow students, Amalia herself is used to being monitored 24 hours a day, her bodyguards will always be in an outbuilding or a room near her. “They also accompany her when she goes to a party or maybe experiences a nocturnal adventure,” de Kunde points out, but also emphasizes that Amalia has a good relationship with her protectors and they are not required to disclose their private adventures to snitch on her parents. “Willem-Alexander once said: You mustn’t pass anything on to me. I would hate that.”

This is how Amalia’s first days in Amsterdam went

The best conditions for the new phase of life. The academic year in Amsterdam officially starts on September 5, 2022. According to the university’s website, the University of Amsterdam’s student induction days will take place from August 29 to September 2 and the student associations are also organizing “nice and informative induction events” so that students can get to know the city and their fellow students . During the introductory week, the newcomers and a group of fellow students should get to know the study and sports clubs, the hotspots and the cultural sector of Amsterdam. The free summer program “Get Ready” will also be offered from August 24th to 26th.

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