Prince William: The countdown is on! Prince William and his family are planning a fresh start

In a few days, Prince William will celebrate his 40th birthday. With the start of a new decade of life, a change is imminent: the future heir to the throne is drawn to Queen Elizabeth’s estate together with his family and kith and kin. In probably a few weeks, the family will live just a stone’s throw from Windsor Castle.

More freedom for the children and at the same time a new environment to draw strength and inspiration for future tasks: Prince William, 39, has many good reasons to move the geographical center of his life a little. The Duke of Cambridge, together with his wife Duchess Catherine, 40, and the children Prince George, 8, Princess Charlotte, 7, and Prince Louis, 4, will soon turn their backs on London and pitch their tents in Berkshire, according to the Times.

Prince William: Amner Hall remains the heart of the family

For the Cambridge offspring in particular, this means a drastic new beginning. George and Charlotte will have to bid farewell to their classmates at Thomas’s Battersea School at the end of the current school year. They are expected to go to school near Windsor from the autumn. And Louis also has to settle down in another kindergarten.

But it’s not a final farewell to London: the family will keep their apartment in Kensington Palace. A must, because the royal residence not only houses the private office of the future heir to the throne and his wife, but is also the headquarters of the Cambridge press team. The beloved country estate of Amner Hall in Norfolk also remains her retreat on days off. “They love it up there – it’s their comfort zone,” explained a friend of William’s. It even seems to be a firm plan for the couple to use Amner as a permanent residence “after school,” as it is said.

Windsor holds many advantages for the Cambridges

William and Catherine are said to initially plan to settle into one of the houses on Queen Elizabeth, 96,’s Windsor estate. There is already speculation that in the distant future they will move in “the big house” – meaning Windsor Castle. A privilege that Prince Charles, 73, would actually be entitled to once he is king. But he is said to have no intention of using the royal residence.

The move has many pleasant advantages for the family: the children not only live closer to their great-grandmother, but also to their maternal grandparents. Michael, 72, and Carole Mittelton, 76, live in Buckleberry, which is only 45 minutes away. Traveling from London takes half an hour longer. Regular visits should therefore be scheduled more frequently.

Of course, security also plays a role. Windsor offers the Cambridges far more freedom than the English capital. “The reality is they’re pretty limited in what they can do in London,” a friend said. “The kids can’t go to the park and play football with friends. Their plan is to stay there for the next 10 to 15 years and then move to the place that’s so special to them.”

“Use time while you still can”

Another close friend of William’s revealed that the heir-to-be “totally accepts that he is doing his duty and doing what the public expects of him without worrying too much about what he would have liked to do in another world.” . Berkshire is planned as the last step before getting the top job because “he feels they want to take advantage of this time while they still can.”

The responsibility as number two in the line of succession to the British throne weighs more and more on the young father’s shoulders from year to year. Queen Elizabeth is withdrawing more and more from the public due to her health restrictions. William attended the State Opening of Parliament for the first time in May alongside his father Charles. Father and son also came into focus during the Queen’s jubilee because the monarch did not feel strong enough for some appearances.

William was raised to take the throne one day. Nevertheless, the sudden speed of the inevitable turning point seems to overwhelm him: “There is a sense of the future accelerating towards him, colored by a deep sadness – although he would never say it publicly – at the prospect of his grandmother no longer will be there because of the added pressure on his father and on his family, who will be scrutinized more closely,” said the Cambridge staff. A friend of William’s sums it up: “He knows the future [der Monarchie] on his, Catherine’s and his children’s shoulders, and that’s a lot of pressure.”

In Berkshire, the family may be able to ease that burden a little.

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