Prince William: Queen Elizabeth is already putting William on course for kings

Prince Charles is raring to go for the role he’s been preparing for for decades. But his son Prince William is already hot on his heels – and Queen Elizabeth plays a crucial role in this.

The British monarchy is experiencing a turning point, which was impressively documented with the opening of Parliament on May 10, 2022: With the reading of the government declaration on behalf of Queen Elizabeth, 96, who was in poor health, heir to the throne Prince Charles, 73, gave the world a visual foretaste of his forthcoming reign. But with Prince William, 39, at his side, the impression was that the far-sighted queen is building on her grandson in the long term.

Prince William: Scandals put him in premature responsibility

Charles will be the next King of Great Britain. That is not to be shaken. But his son William is already being prepared for the throne at the same time. And that is not least due to the many upheavals that the royal family has had to contend with in recent years, according to experts.

William enjoys the monarch’s full confidence, given the departure of her grandson Prince Harry, 37, and his wife Duchess Meghan, 40, from the front row of royals and subsequent investigative interviews, or the involvement of her second eldest Prince Andrew, 62, in the Epstein scandal was shaken to its foundations.

Prince Charles accepts William as an understudy

“William is becoming a trusted lieutenant to the Queen, especially in the last few years,” observed Russell Myers, royal expert on The Mirror. In particular, the participation of the future heir to the throne in crucial talks on damage limitation provides an adequate indication of this. “With the ongoing Sussex saga and the tacky scandal surrounding his uncle Prince Andrew, William has been embroiled in high-level talks about their future, showing that not only Charles, but William too, is being groomed for royalty,” says Myers.

A development with which the current heir to the throne has apparently made his peace for some time. “Charles has often been realistic in accepting that his reign will most likely be short-lived in a similar fashion. He fully supports William being his understudy and learning the fundamentals with him to ensure their future.”

Queen Elizabeth is intensively regulating her successor

Meanwhile, the Queen has taken an important step to make William visible as a pillar of the monarchy at the start of the session of the House of Commons and House of Lords. Ahead of the state opening of Parliament, a new patent authorized by Her Majesty was issued, delegating to the Councils of State the royal function of opening a new session of Parliament.

In addition to Charles and William, Prince Andrew and Prince Harry currently hold the positions of state councillors, who can carry out official business on behalf of the monarch. At this point in time, however, it seems unthinkable to use the latter two as deputies to the queen.

“History unfolds before our eyes”

The joint appearance of Charles and William at the opening of Parliament is read in Great Britain as a historic moment. “It is an unprecedented, unprecedented event and the importance of the Queen’s decision cannot be underestimated. We are watching the story unfold before our eyes,” Myers said.

The Queen directs her successor with remarkable foresight. “We may be close to one [Anmerkung der Redaktion: neuen] Regency but it is clear that both Charles and William will enjoy the Queen’s confidence and will be given more responsibility and more forward looking to prepare them both and the nation for a smooth transition when the Queen is no longer here is,” says Myers.

Great Britain is preparing for a change of throne with full force – and Queen Elizabeth is holding the reins in her hand, as usual.

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