Prince William: Prince William reaches milestone – but Kate is missing

On Tuesday, May 10, 2022, Prince William will make history. For the first time in his life, the future heir to the throne can attend the opening of parliament. However, Duchess Catherine cannot be present at this important milestone for her husband.

It’s a big day for Prince William, 39. After his grandmother Queen Elizabeth, 96, unexpectedly had to cancel her participation in this year’s opening of Parliament in London, the two heirs to the throne of Great Britain move up. Prince Charles, 73, will read his mother’s famous speech on his behalf. Prince William, like Duchess Camilla, 74, can sit at Charles’ side. A momentous event in the life of the Duke of Cambridge. However, he will have to deny this milestone in his royal life without Duchess Catherine, 40.

Prince William: That’s why Duchess Catherine missed one of his biggest milestones

Prince William’s wife will fulfill her royal obligations and take part in a few appointments in Manchester. William and Kate were supposed to be spending the day together in town to attend the official opening of the 2017 bombing memorial. Due to the change of plans, the Duchess will travel alone for the time being. Prince William is due to join later in the day.

At the opening of Parliament, Prince William will act in his capacity as Councilor of State. A position that only the father of three can fill on May 10th. The other Councilors of State, i.e. members of the royal family who can act if the monarch fails, are Prince Charles, Prince Harry, 37, and Prince Andrew, 62.

Prince William’s big day has a bitter aftertaste

For the 39-year-old, it’s a momentous event in his life that he certainly didn’t think would happen so quickly. But the fact that William is allowed to attend the opening of Parliament is only one side of the coin. The downside overshadows the big moment of the future heir to the throne: it is the concern for Queen Elizabeth. In her 70-year reign, it is only the third time that the monarch will not deliver her “Queen’s Speech” personally. The frequent cancellations of appointments in recent months are causing growing concern, which is likely to hang over those present like heavy fog at the opening of parliament.

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