Prince + Princess of Wales: New role distribution in the royal family! Are you behind Charles’ decision?

Just in time for his birthday on November 14, 2022, King Charles brought an urgent request to the British Parliament: the monarch asked for the circle of state councilors to be expanded to include Princess Anne and Prince Edward. A measure that is likely to have been significantly influenced above all by the Prince and Princess of Wales.

Shortly after the proclamation of King Charles, 74, there was speculation about the possibility of an increase in the number of state councillors. These positions are currently held as his representatives according to the line of succession to the throne: Queen Camilla, 75, Prince William, 40, Prince Harry, 38, Prince Andrew, 62, and Princess Beatrice, 34. A few days ago, he asked Parliament to consider “that the number of persons who may be drawn upon as Councilors of State under the provisions of the Regency Acts 1937 to 1963 is increased to include my sister and brother, the Princess Royal, and the Earl of Wessex and Forfar.”

Prince and Princess of Wales: Their trip to the USA could be breathing down the neck of King Charles

A wise move under the circumstances: Harry and Andrew are no longer part of the senior royals and are therefore not really suitable as representatives of the king. Nevertheless, royal observers were initially surprised by the urgency that the monarch showed in this decision.

But on closer inspection, Charles has time on his neck – and the schedule of his eldest and his wife, the Princess of Wales, 40. “One factor could clearly be that William and Kate are traveling to the United States at the end of this month,” explains the royal Correspondent Richard Palmer in the latest episode of the “Royal Round-Up” of the British newspaper “Express”, and continues. “That might have influenced the decision-making, because if [der König] suddenly ill or unwell in any way, William would have to come straight back from the US and cut short his visit. Or there must be two state councilors, as we know, so should have [William] have to ask someone else to step in.”

William and Catherine will travel to the United States to attend the Earthshot Prize ceremony in Boston, among other things. The heir to the throne launched the 2020 Environmental Protection Award together with naturalist David Attenborough, 96. It was first awarded in London in October 2021. Participation in the awarding of the winners is both a matter of the heart and a duty.

Prince Harry and Prince Andrew are hardly eligible as representatives

So while Camilla, as the king’s wife, would likely be by his side in the event of an unexpected default, Harry, Andrew and Beatrice remained as proxy options during this period. “Of those four adults in the line of succession, only William is a working royal,” Palmer said. “It’s not a requirement that it has to be a working royal to do it, but I just think there would be an uproar if Andrew and Harry were asked to do it.”

The monarch’s youngest son has lived in California with his wife Duchess Meghan, 41, and their children Archie, 3, and Lilibet Diana, 1, since stepping down from royal duties. “You have to be in England to do it,” Palmer explains. Andrew, meanwhile, has shot himself completely out of whack with his alleged involvement in the Epstein scandal and a just-avoided civil lawsuit alleging the molestation of a minor.

Princess Anne and Prince Edward as secret weapons?

At the same time, however, the king wonders who could worthily represent him during this period should he become ill or otherwise unable to perform his royal duties. Despite a currently stable selection of his replacements, Charles seems to prioritize among the eligible family members: William as his successor to the throne is the undisputed number 1 when it comes to filling in for him. Princess Anne, 72, and Prince Edward, 58, seem to be in his favor even before the other state councilors appointed by the succession to the throne. “Both have performed this task before,” said the king’s official statement, which he had sent to Parliament on his birthday.

The matter is urgent

The timing of his request made royal observers sit up and take notice: “What was quite interesting was that the king chose his birthday to write to Parliament asking for legislation to be brought forward as soon as possible in order to change the law,” Palmer says. “That intrigued me – it was clearly a signal that this is an important matter that he would like to have clarified.”

Pandora Forsyth, host of Royal Round Up, echoes this sentiment: “He’s very aware that he had to get this done fairly quickly, which shows the urgency of the matter.”

In the declaration signed by the King and read to the House of Lords, the monarch indicated that an enlargement of the Councils of State “[die] would ensure continued efficiency of public affairs’ should he not be available. Parliament has yet to rule on the motion. A nerve-racking game for Charles if William and Catherine’s trip was indeed the reason for his haste. Time is ticking – but even the sovereign has to be patient on some issues.

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