Prince Louis: Queen Elizabeth gave Prince Louis an unexpected honor when he was born

Prince Louis
He only owed his special title prematurely to the Queen

What an honor! Without Queen Elizabeth (†), Prince Louis and his siblings would have had to do without an important title for a long time.

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He almost came away empty-handed: When Prince Louis was born, he actually would not have been entitled to a royal title. But his great-grandmother would not have been the Queen if she had not found a solution.

Prince Louis, 4, is the celebrity of the royal family and knows exactly how to attract attention in the world. At the celebrations for Queen Elizabeth’s platinum anniversary, †96, he caused enthusiasm among royal fans with his funny faces and has been the secret star of the royal family ever since. The youngest of Catherine, Princess of Wales, 40, and Prince William, 40, played the last fiddle when he was born – at least in terms of his rank within the family. Because of an old rule, he would not have been entitled to an important royal title. But his great-grandmother, whom he and his siblings affectionately called “Gan Gan”, spoke up.

Prince Louis: King George V’s decision could have left him untitled

The mini-royal is now fourth in line to the British throne after his father and siblings Prince George, 9, and Princess Charlotte, 7. His official title is His Royal Highness Prince Louis of Wales. But this privilege was not a matter of course when he was born, as the “Mirror” reports.

As early as 1917, King George V had defined the distribution of titles within the Royal Family according to strict guidelines. And herein lies the crux of the matter: He ruled that all the sovereign’s children would automatically become a prince or princess, as would all grandchildren born through the male line. However, great-grandchildren were excluded from this title attribution. This arrangement was even a problem at the birth of George, who will one day ascend the British throne.

Queen Elizabeth († 96) broke with tradition

The late Queen Elizabeth recognized the nonsense of this provision and intervened. At the same time, she stipulated that the siblings of the future heir to the throne should also be given royal titles. If the monarch had continued to follow her grandfather’s measures, her three great-grandchildren would not have gone completely empty-handed. At the latest when her grandfather King Charles succeeded his mother in September 2022, they would have been named princes and princesses.

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