Prince Harry: Prince Harry describes tiara drama with Meghan and the Queen

Prince Harry
This is how the tiara dispute between Meghan and the Queen really went

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan

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In his memoirs, Prince Harry returns to the tiara dispute between him, his wife Duchess Meghan and the Queen in 2028. What really happened back then?

The wedding of Prince Harry, 38, and Duchess Meghan, 41, is four and a half years ago, but it seems that there is still a need for clarification regarding the alleged tiara dispute with Queen Elizabeth, † 96. Harry tells his version of the story in his book “Spare”.

Duchess Meghan and the alleged tiara drama

What was going on? Meghan reportedly wanted to wear a different tiara than the Queen intended for her at the time. Harry is said to have said the sentence “What Meghan wants, Meghan gets”. A few years later, the royal revelation book “Finding Freedom”, on which Harry and Meghan are rumored to have even worked, described how the events really happened.

Meghan chose an emerald tiara, but the Queen refused to give it to her due to unknown origins. The ultimate choice was the platinum Queen Mary Diamond Bond tiara set with diamonds, which once belonged to Prince Harry’s great-great-grandmother Queen Mary and dates from 1932. However, there should not have been a direct dispute between Meghan and the Queen. Instead, Harry reportedly clashed with Angela Kelly, the Queen’s longtime stylist. He therefore wanted to influence the choice of the tiara, but Angela Kelly did not respond to his wishes and adhered to the Queen’s specifications.

Prince Harry tells his version of the story

In his memoirs, Harry now denies that he ever said the phrase “What Meghan wants, Meghan gets” to Angela Kelly. It was said that his mother’s sisters had previously offered Meghan one of their Diana tiaras. Meghan was very “touched” and spent “hours and hours” with her wedding dress designer to tailor the veil to match Diana’s tiara, which she herself wore to her wedding to King Charles, 74.

Princess Diana and Prince Charles at their wedding in 1981

Princess Diana and Prince Charles at their wedding in 1981

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But shortly before the wedding, the Queen reportedly reached out to the couple and offered them access to her tiara collection. “She even invited us to Buckingham Palace to try them on. I remember her saying, ‘Come on over,'” Harry writes.

Harry and Meghan then went into the Queen’s private dressing room, which her grandson has never been to before. Also present were a jewelery expert and Angela Kelly. The Queen reportedly asked Meghan to look at five tiaras and then said to Meghan, “Tiars suit you.”

Meghan opted for a tiara and, on the Queen’s advice, wanted to try it on at her hairdresser. Harry then wanted to get in touch with Angela Kelly, but according to Harry, she ignored him. Eventually he managed to contact her. She told him it was not possible to take the tiara to Meghan’s hairdresser because it required too much security. Harry was finally asked to sign a form allowing the tiara to leave the palace. “She fixed me with a look that made me shudder. I could read a clear warning on her face. It’s not over yet,” says Harry.

There was then “a heated argument in the back corridors of the palace over whether Meghan could – or should – wear a veil” as some palace officials believed Meghan should not wear a veil as a divorced woman. Ultimately, however, Harry concedes that “unexpectedly, the powerful showed some flexibility” and granted Meghan the veil.

The palace declined to comment on Harry’s account of the events to the Daily Mail.

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