Prince Harry : "Meghan would be dead if she read the stories"

Prince Harry
He describes heartbreaking moments with Duchess Meghan

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan

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In his memoirs, Prince Harry denounced the British press for making life hell for him and his wife. Now he is talking about a moment when he found Duchess Meghan in despair and in tears.

Both in the Netflix documentary and in his memoirs “Spare” (German: “Reserve”), Prince Harry, 38, criticizes the British press in the strongest possible terms. Even as a child, he was followed at every turn by paparazzi. After his mother Princess Diana, †36, had to expose himself to this hunt, his wife Duchess Meghan, 41, was later affected. The media bullied her and fabricated racist headlines. The Sussexes would not have received any protection from the palace, on the contrary. The Royal Family deliberately placed stories about Harry and Meghan in the media. “Some things are deliberately spread. If your PR team wants to get rid of a negative story about you, it offers a story about another royal in exchange. The press offices play against each other,” he says in the documentary “Harry & Meghan”.

For Meghan, this was unbearable. Now the 38-year-old describes “the darkest moment” that broke the camel’s back and after which the couple decided they had to turn their backs on the royal family.

Prince Harry: ‘Meghan would be dead if she read the stories’

It happened in 2019. “When I came back to Frogmore after Archie was born, I went into the nursery, and she [Meghan] was in tears, and the tears dripped onto Archie as she nursed him. That was a turning point for me. And she’s someone who doesn’t read the stories. She would be dead if she read the stories,” Prince Harry revealed in an interview with Britain’s Telegraph.

Duchess Meghan

Already in the Oprah interview and in the Netflix documentary, Duchess Meghan revealed that she had suicidal thoughts during her time as Senior Royal. The hate speech against her, the racist insults and the drawn image of an “angry black woman” affected her so much that she considered taking her own life.

He wants to save the Royal Family from themselves

Regarding his intentions with his memoir, Harry explains: “It’s not about overthrowing the monarchy. It’s about saving it from itself. I know a lot of people will crucify me for saying that “.

However, the Duke of Sussex sees it as his job to right the wrongs that drove him and his wife out of the British royal family. “Because it killed my mother, it killed Caroline Flack, who was my friend, and it nearly killed my wife. If that’s not a sufficient enough reason to take the pain and turn it into a target, then I don’t know what one would be,” stresses Harry.

Information about offers of help

Do you have suicidal thoughts? The telephone counseling service offers help. She is anonymous, free of charge and available around the clock on 0800/1110111 and 0800/1110222. A list with nationwide aid agencies can be found on the website of the “German Society for Suicide Prevention”.

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