Prince Harry: Is Prince Harry upset about King Charles’ recent decision?

Prince Harry
Does he feel left out by his father, King Charles?

King Charles and Prince Harry

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Prince Harry is said to disagree with King Charles’ decision to appoint Princess Anne and Prince Edward as Councilors of State. After all, this is not only an insult, but also has direct consequences for the Duke of Sussex, says an expert.

It was a bang! Although King Charles spent his 74th birthday comfortably at home, the monarch drew attention by announcing big news: he issued a statement to the House of Lords explaining that he was married to Princess Anne, 72, and Prince Edward, 58, would like to appoint as Councilors of State. Thus, his siblings will represent the regent in official duties when he is abroad. With this, the king gives Anne and Edward a great honor and takes the first steps towards a slimmed-down monarchy – much to the annoyance of Prince Harry, 38.

Is Prince Harry surprised by his father’s decision?

Because although Prince Harry, his uncle Prince Andrew, 62, and Princess Beatrice, 34, are still state councilors under the Regency Act and could act in place of the monarch, this seems increasingly unlikely with the addition of Anne and Edward. According to royal expert Angela Levin, King Charles found a clever way to “de-list Harry and Andrew in a very diplomatic way,” the author told the Daily Mail. After all, the Duke of Sussex stepped down as senior royal two years ago and resides in California, while the Duke of York has long fallen out of favor for his involvement in the Epstein scandal.

Harry is said to be upset about this decision, which Dr. Craig Prescott, lecturer in law at Bangor University, could not understand. “I think both [Prinz Andrew und Prinz Harry] expected it…that shouldn’t come as a surprise. Harry has no reason to complain, he doesn’t want to appear as a senior royal,” he tells the British newspaper. Levin takes a similar view, stressing that Charles made the decision for good reason. “It’s not about Harry, it’s about what the King needs,” she says, adding, referring to Andrew, “If the Duke of York were to assume the King’s official duties, the public would be absolutely furious.” Indeed, it does not seem unexpected that King Charles relies on his confidants and at the same time on royals who are close to him – and have proven themselves time and again in the service of the crown in the past.

King Charles bets on Anne and Edward

King Charles’ statement to the House of Lords, read there on the afternoon of November 14, read: “To ensure the continued efficiency of public affairs when I am unavailable, such as while carrying out official duties overseas, I confirm that I would be most pleased if Parliament thought fit that the number of persons eligible to serve as Councilors of State under the provisions of the Regency Acts 1937 to 1963 was increased by my sister and my brother, the Princess Royal, and the Earl of Wessex and Forfar, both of whom have done this before.”

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