Prince Harry: Despite differences, Archie and Lilibet are in touch with the royal family

Prince Harry
His children have contact with the Royal Family

Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry

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Prince Harry is currently causing a sensation with his memoirs, in which he criticizes the British royal family. Despite all the differences, his children Archie and Lilibet have a relationship with the royal family, he now reveals.

Prince Harry, 38, not only reveals extremely intimate details about himself in his memoirs “Spare”, such as the story of his defloration, but he also sharply criticizes the British royal family. Above all, Prince William, 40, is put in a bad light in his brother’s descriptions: The Prince of Wales physically attacked Harry and at the time urged him to wear the Nazi costume, it is said, among other things. Nevertheless, it is important to the Duke of Sussex that his and Duchess Meghan, 41, children Archie, 3, and Lilibet, 1, have a good relationship with the Royal Family.

Prince Harry is delighted his children are able to connect with his family

After speaking to Tom Bradby for ITV and on the US show “60 Minutes” with CBS journalist Anderson Cooper as part of the “Spare” release, Prince Harry also gave an interview to “People”. Although tensions remain between him and his family, he still hopes for a reconciliation, the 38-year-old emphasizes in the latter. He also wants Archie and Lilibet to have their own meaningful relationship with the royal family – which they already have.

“I’ve said before that I want a family, not an institution – so I would want nothing more than for our children to have relationships with members of my family, and they do with some, which makes me very happy,” he said Harry, who graces the cover of the magazine. He does not name individual members of the Royal Family, but it is known that the Sussexes have a close relationship with Princess Eugenie, 32, and her husband Jack Brooksbank, 36.

His memoirs are “an unadulterated report”

He goes on to say that he hopes his memoirs will help readers “reach their own conclusions”: “I don’t want to dictate to anyone what they think of it, and that includes my family. This book and its truths is in many ways a continuation of my own mental health journey. It is an honest account of my life – the good, the bad and everything in between.” He is also certain that he could not have written the book any other way.

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