Prince Harry about his mother Princess Diana (†36): He believed that death was just faking!

His father told him about his mother’s serious accident on August 31, 1997 Charles (74), now King Charles III. They were on vacation with the Queen at the time Elizabeth (†96) at Balmoral, Scotland. He sat a barely 13-year-old at the time Harry’s on the bed and began: “Dear son…” He described to him what he was like Diana in a Paris hospital with severe head injuries and the prognosis is not good. “I remember very clearly that I didn’t cry. Not even a tear. And that my father didn’t even hug me,” Harry adds in the memory, with Charles looking around the bedroom instead.

He just put his hand on his knee and promised that everything would be OK. “I couldn’t do anything but wander around the castle and talk to myself. First came suspicion, then firm belief: It’s all just a trick!” Harry elaborates on his subsequent thought processes. “For once it wasn’t a ploy by others or the media, but by mom. Her life was miserable, they chased her, tormented her, lied about her, lied to her. So she faked an accident and ran away.’

»Fly through« the tunnel on your own

Years later, Harry assigned his press secretary to personally check all the police records of his mother’s accident. In Paris, together with William (40) drove through the Pont de l’Alma tunnel to experience everything for themselves. The driver was said to have the task of flying in at a speed of over 100 km/h like the one with Diana and Dodi. “I always imagined it to be a treacherous, dangerous passage, but it was just a short, plain tunnel. We barely felt anything. There is no reason why anyone should die there,” Harry writes in his memoirs. “Then we talked about the crash, for the first time in our lives. Even about the investigation – a farce, we agreed. The final report was an insult, full of basic factual errors and logical holes. She raised more questions than she answered.” The brothers then reportedly considered resuming the investigation, but “from above” talked them out of it.

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Am I even your father?

According to Harry’s memories, his father not only has a hard time expressing emotions, but also has a problem with humor. As evidence, he added a story from Broadmoor Psychiatric Hospital, where the two princes were shown a mentally ill man who believed he was Prince Charles. “Who knows, my dear son, if I am even your father? Maybe your real father is at Broadmoor!” Harry’s father shocked. But rather out of place – the newspapers at the time really speculated about Harry’s genes – namely that Diana could have fathered him not with the prince, but with her lover, the soldier James Hewitt!

Don’t marry an “evil stepmother”!

For the first time, Harry also opened up about the current queen Camilla, with whom Charles maintained an affair before, during and after his marriage to Diana. “I remember wondering if she would be cruel to me like the evil stepmothers in fairy tales. For a long time, Willy had a suspicion that was consuming him. Then he blamed himself for not saying or doing anything.” They somehow came to terms with their father’s relationship with Camille, but they betrayed him after the wedding. “Despite Willy’s and my urgings, Dad did. We shook his hand, wished him…”

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