Prince Christian: That’s why his participation in the commemoration in Copenhagen was important

News about the royals in the GALA ticker: Prince Christian was at the funeral service in Copenhagen for a reason +++ Queen Máxima and King Willem-Alexander are coming to Sweden +++ Should Prince Haakon’s new building project be kept secret? That’s what the court says.

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July 14, 2022

That is why Prince Christian took part in the commemoration in Copenhagen

The shooting in Copenhagen’s Field’s shopping center on July 3, in which three people died and others were injured, shook the whole of Denmark. Two days after the horrific incident, a memorial service was held for the victims, attended not only by Prince Frederik, 54, but also by his son Prince Christian, 16. He also answered questions from the reporters present, which is rather unusual.

In the podcast “Det vi taler om” (Eng.: “What we talk about”), royal experts now reveal why the presence of the 16-year-old was so important. There were several reasons for this: On the one hand, such a visit is part of the training of an heir to the throne, on the other hand, two of the victims and many of those present during the crime were the same age as the prince. In addition, after the Helufsholm boarding school scandal, it was important to see Christian in a different situation. “It’s not certain that all of these things happened on purpose, but if you look at the whole thing and look at the context, I think it was really good that he went,” sums up expert Jakob Steen Olsen.

Prince Christian and Prince Frederik at the memorial service for the victims of the shooting at Field’s shopping center

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July 13, 2022

Reunion with Princess Victoria? Queen Máxima and Willem-Alexander are planning a visit to Sweden

Queen Máxima, 51, and King Willem-Alexander, 55, are looking forward to finally returning to Sweden in October. The Dutch court will officially announce this on Wednesday, July 13, 2022. “His Majesty the King and Her Majesty Queen Máxima are coming to Sweden at the invitation of His Majesty King Carl XVI Gustaf for a state visit. The visit will take place in Stockholm and Gothenburg from Tuesday 11th to Thursday 13th October 2022,” it said in a press release. The Swedish palace confirms the royal couple’s travel plans, but the court only wants to publish details of the program or the other royals present shortly before the visit.

The state visit is a confirmation of the good relations between the Netherlands and Sweden, which work together to “make Europe greener, more resilient and economically stronger,” writes the Swedish court. It continues: “The state visit will focus on green innovation issues, including the energy transition and life sciences, as well as ocean relations and gender equality. Other issues may also be raised that reflect countries’ shared values ​​and solutions for current and future challenges.”

That’s what the court says about Prince Haakon’s latest building project

Prince Haakon, 48, plans to demolish a barn on his property near Oslo. A warehouse is to be erected in place of the building erected in 1992. The information about the construction project was made public by the Norwegian local newspaper “Budstikka”. Since then, the question has been raised as to why the crown prince did not go public with his project himself. Now the palace takes a stand.

Farm information manager Guri Varpe confirmed to “Budstikka” the planned demolition and new construction. She also explains that the warehouse is for the sole proprietorship Skaugum Gård [Gut Skaugum, Anmerkung der Redaktion] is built. A company owned by the Crown Prince. The royal court was not aware that the Asker community, which is responsible for the construction project, initially wanted to keep the documents away from the public. The palace itself only found out about these allegations through the media. “We have nothing against access. In our opinion, the documents can be treated in the same way as other similar cases,” explains Varpe. The new building would not be a secret building project.

July 12, 2022

Princess Madeleine’s husband causes misunderstanding

It was news that caused buzz: On June 29, 2022, alongside new details about Princess Victoria’s 45th birthday on July 14, the Swedish palace announced that Princess Madeleine’s, 40, husband Chris O’Neill, 48, celebrated the birthday will miss his sister-in-law. “Chris tries to be at these events as often as possible, but unfortunately he can’t be there now because he has to work in the USA for a few days,” explained Margareta Thorgren, head of information at the court, when asked by the Swedish media.

A behavior that causes a lack of understanding among the Swedish people – rightly so, according to Johan T Lindwall, court expert and editor-in-chief of the illustration “Svensk Damtidning”. “Obviously, people can be upset that Chris O’Neill would rather work than attend the biggest royal event of the year. It’s always a matter of priorities and this time Chris has put his job ahead of the royal family,” he explains in the magazine and emphasizes: “This also puts Madeleine in a difficult position. She knows how much the Swedish people care about her life and of course she would like to show all her family members at some point during the year.”

For Lindwall, very important things have to happen in order to skip the Crown Princess’ birthday: “The more I think about it, the more incomprehensible it becomes. It would be exciting to see what he will do that he can’t do on Öland on the computer. “

July 11, 2022

Danish royals end cooperation with shoe company Ecco

The negative headlines about the Danish royal family just don’t want to die down. First, Prince Frederik, 54, and Princess Mary, 50, had to take their son Prince Christian, 16, from Herlufsholm boarding school after the sensational abuse scandal. However, according to the Danish people, this happened far too late. Then the palace quickly ended its collaboration with its longtime chef Jens-Peter Skov, 64, due to allegations of abuse. Now the external communication of the Danish royals is again under criticism.

Background: The global shoe company Ecco, which has been supplying the Danish royal family since 1991, did not withdraw from Russia after the Russian war of aggression – in contrast to many other western companies. Many Danes did not find it okay that the royal family initially did not change anything about the cooperation – as in the case of Herlufsholm. It was only made public last week that the court intends to remove the company from the list.

A timid action that Prince Frederik and Co., according to royal experts, can no longer afford. Danish journalist Jakob Steen Olsen says the royal family is currently in an interesting situation. The new wind that is blowing in society shows that the royal family has to adapt communication. He explains: “It used to be easier to say, ‘We’re doing so well that we don’t have to speak up’ – but that’s no longer possible.”

Jacob Heinel Jensen, royal correspondent for the tabloid BT, agrees, saying: “I think the royal family would lose its meaning if it didn’t also deal with some of these more valuable political issues that people are dealing with. ” He thinks that the Danish royals need to strengthen their communication. In the future, what the family was able to declare as a “private matter” will probably no longer be accepted. “This picture is currently changing. The royal family – like institutions, politicians and companies – will increasingly be held morally accountable in the future. And that requires more transparency,” emphasizes Olsen in conclusion.

Countess Alexandra’s spokeswoman confirms: Prince Felix is ​​celebrating his 20th birthday abroad

On July 22, 2022, Prince Felix will celebrate his 20th birthday. It is now certain that he will spend his big day far away from home. Prince Felix will leave Denmark for the holidays, his mother’s secretary, Alexandra, Countess of Frederiksborg, 58, told Billed Bladet magazine.

“Prince Felix is ​​celebrating his birthday abroad with his father. The Countess is in Denmark on his birthday,” said spokeswoman Helle von Wildenrath Løvgreen. It is therefore likely that Felix will celebrate his day of honor in France. His father Prince Joachim, 53, and his second wife Princess Marie, 46, live in France and will spend the summer months at Cayx Castle in Cahors. Danish media assume the family will be watching the Tour de France from the castle on July 22nd. The 19th stage leads directly past the royal estate this year.

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