Prince Albert + Princess Charlène: group photo with the Norwegian royal family divides opinions

Prince Albert + Princess Charlène
Group photo with the Norwegian royal family divides the opinion of royal fans

Prince Albert and Princess Charlene at the opening of the Sailing the Sea of ​​Science exhibition at the Frammuseum in Oslo, Norway, June 22, 2022.

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Princess Charlène and Prince Albert flew to Norway with their children and also met the royal family on the way. The group photo, which was taken after lunch together, now causes all sorts of divided minds.

It is her first trip abroad after months of worry: Princess Charlène, 44, accompanies her husband Prince Albert, 64, together with the twins Princess Gabriella and Prince Jacques, both 7, to Norway. Arriving in Oslo, the family was welcomed by King Harald, 85, Queen Sonja, 84, Prince Haakon, 48, Princess Mette-Marit, 48, and Princess Märtha Louise, 50, on Wednesday 22 June 2022 at the Bygdø estate Kongsgård expected, after which the crown prince went to the exhibition “Sailing the Sea of ​​​​Science” on the polar ship Gjøa in the Frammmuseum.

Princess Charlène and Prince Albert: Reunion with Mette-Marit & Co.

Before that, however, the Norwegian royal family was busy posing for a group photo. The Norwegians and Monegasques have lined up and are being photographed by court photographer Sven Gj Gjeruldsen as a souvenir. A beautiful photo shared by Prince Albert and Princess Charlène on Thursday, June 23, including on their official Instagram account. The Norwegian court also shares snapshots from the joint visit to the museum.

Postings that are now being commented on by some fans of the royal families – but they don’t really agree on what to think of the recordings. A user criticized that Charlène’s smile was “frozen” and her face was “absent”. Princess Gabriella, who is holding her mother’s hand, also looks “sad” to him. Another draws attention to the opening of the exhibition, where Prince Jacques was allowed to step forward with his father, but had no real task and just looked around helplessly: “It’s a shame that the little prince didn’t get his own scissors to do it cutting the tape with his father.”

Others are blown away by the royal reunion and express their enthusiasm in numerous emojis and loving messages. “I hope your Highness enjoyed her trip, Princess Charlene looks great,” comments one follower, another finds: “A great picture, nice to see Prince Albert with his family in Norway.”

A loving kiss defies all rumors of a crisis

Princess Charlène and Prince Albert obviously enjoyed their meeting with the Norwegians, regardless of the comments on the Internet. In a seemingly unnoticed moment, the couple gave each other a loving kiss before entering the Framm Museum. A gesture of affection that we rarely see from the Monegasque.

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