Prince Albert II of Monaco: the enormous stupidity of Stéphane Plaza during their meeting

Saturday July 23, Stéphane Plaza and Karine Le Marchand gave an interview to the Parisian. Among the memories evoked, the two friends evoked their invitation, a few days ago, to a dinner where Prince Albert of Monaco was present. A moment chosen for the favorite animator of the French to make a memorable blunder. “I didn’t wait for dessert, because it was too late,” recalled the main interested party, who added: “They say to me: ‘You are at an official dinner, there are codes, Prince Albert is there, you have to go and greet him…’ So I get up, I go to say good evening to him… and I I made a mistake !”. Of course, the host of Love is in the Meadow took the opportunity to add her grain of salt with her legendary humor. “He went to see another bald guy!”.

In this long exchange, the ex of Lilian Thuram and JoeyStarr spoke with tenderness of his faithful sidekick. She also spoke of the difficult times of the fiftieth anniversary. “Stéphane doesn’t like being alone. For a long time, he opened his arms to people who weren’t necessarily worth it. He was always surrounded and saturated with energy. Some were there to capture his”. She went on to say: “He went to bed late, drank a lot and pulled on the rope. And all of a sudden, he disappears, he does the job. He is the only man capable of leaving for weeks leaving his cell phone in Paris”. In good times and in bad times, he has always been able to count on the one who is also the favorite host of the French.

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Adam Javal-Fauconnier

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