Prince Albert confirms: Charlène is back in the clinic

Actually everything looked like a happy ending. After a month-long stay in South Africa, Princess Charlène returned to her homeland in Monaco a week and a half ago. But it quickly becomes clear: she is still not doing well. Now it will be dealt with again.

The guesswork around the actual condition of Monaco’s Princess Charlène continues. The 43-year-old was stuck in South Africa for months. For health reasons, as it was officially called. But speculations about a possible marriage crisis between her and Prince Albert made the rounds.

Prince Albert poses with Jacques and Gabriella on the balcony on Friday – without Charlène. The children wrote down a few greetings for their mother.

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At the beginning of last week, Charlène finally returned to Monaco. A few pictures of her with her husband and their two six-year-old twin children, Jacques and Gabriella, gave vague hope that from now on things would go better with her and her family. But it quickly became clear that there was no question of a happy ending.

It was first announced that the princess was apparently not returning to the palace. Instead, she should move into her own apartment, to which she had withdrawn before. Then she canceled a trip with her husband to the “Monte-Carlo Circus Festival” in Dubai as well as her participation in the celebrations for Monaco’s national holiday.

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Charlène is no longer in Monaco

But that’s not all – the worrying headlines continue to roll. Prince Albert himself, of all people, who has spoken in several publications, takes care of that. He already told the Monaco-Matin newspaper that his wife was doing better, but that she still needed “rest”.

However, his revelation that Charlène had already left the principality to recuperate caused a stir. Not only he, but also her children, she left behind again.

In an interview with the “People” magazine, the 63-year-old has now revealed further details – and thus did not exactly contribute to reassurance. Accordingly, Charlène is currently in a “treatment center”, says Albert, without going into the nature of the facility. He leaves it open whether it is a hospital or some other type of clinic.

“Has nothing to do with our relationship”

“She has realized that she needs help,” the prince is quoted as saying. The decision to return her to medical care was made by him and his wife together, with the support of Charlène’s brothers. “She had already made up her mind, we just wanted her to confirm it again in front of us,” Albert explains to “People”.

Charlène’s return to Monaco “went very well in the first few hours,” the prince reveals, but then it became very clear “that she was not feeling well”.

In the interview Albert again vigorously contradicts all rumors that the couple may have drifted apart: “I will probably say this several times, but this has nothing to do with our relationship our relationship, in our relationship as husband and wife. Things are of a different nature. “

“It’s not Covid”

Albert also made some restrictions with regard to the type of illness. “It’s not Covid,” he emphasizes. “And it has nothing to do with cancer. It is also not a relationship issue. And if we want to address one more speculation: It has absolutely nothing to do with plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery,” says the prince in a rage.

“It is obvious that the various operations and procedures that she had to undergo in the past few months have left her without a trace,” the prince points out. “That was certainly a factor, but I don’t want to comment on that at the moment. I can say that she suffered from incredible exhaustion. She didn’t sleep well for days and didn’t eat well either. She lost a lot of weight, which she is good for has made other potential illnesses susceptible: a cold, fever or, God forbid, Covid, “he continues.

Charlène had had several operations in South Africa. The reason is said to have been complications after a severe ear nose infection.

Pleading appeal

Charlène preferred to be treated in Europe, but in a different location than Monaco for privacy reasons, explains Albert. He, her brothers and sister-in-law had encouraged her to do so. “She was very calm and understanding. She recognized herself that she needs help. You can’t force anyone to understand that he needs help, you have to accept that on your own,” the prince lets through that his wife is currently in urgent need of support.

“We wanted to tell her how much we love her, that we are there for her and that the most important thing is her health,” Albert said about the extraordinary family reunion. It was certain that he and the twins would be visiting Charlène soon.

“I can’t give you a time frame. Certainly not in the next few days, but as soon as the medics give us the go. This type of treatment, these periods of rest, usually last a few weeks,” explains the prince and pleadingly addresses the public : “Charlène did not ask for these problems – but unfortunately they are there and we need space and privacy to meet them. I ask everyone to understand this and to leave my family alone in the coming weeks.”

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