Prince Albert: "Charlène does not suffer from …"

In an exclusive interview with “Paris Match”, Prince Albert reveals the latest information about the state of health of his wife, Princess Charlène. He also comes up with any rumors.

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The condition of Princess Charlène of Monaco, 43, has been causing concern in the principality for months. But not only fears that Prince Albert’s wife, 63, might suffer from a serious illness, whispered through the media like a heavy November fog. No, there are many rumors that have been around the royal couple since mid-2021. Marital problems, a psychological instability of the princess – even a break for cosmetic surgery are reserved for Charlène.

Now Prince Albert expresses himself again on the condition of his wife. He tries to clear up rumors while at the same time respecting the privacy of his family – a balancing act that is almost impossible to manage.

Prince Albert denies speculation about his wife’s cosmetic surgery

In his interview with “Paris Match”, the 63-year-old explains that his wife’s ear, nose and throat infection was by no means an excuse to allow the former swimmer to perform cosmetic surgery. Princess Charlène had to undergo several operations in her native South Africa. “There were only problems with the teeth, the nasal septum and the paranasal sinuses. I don’t want to reveal the doctor’s secret, but only the ENT area was affected,” asserts Albert.

The Monegasque regent also talks about rumors of an alleged marriage crisis. Since the wedding in 2011, the 63-year-old has been overwhelmed with questions about his marriage, which outwardly gives a rather unhappy impression. Prince Albert emphasizes to you about “Paris Match”:

“It’s not a marriage problem either. Our marriage is absolutely in no danger.”

Is Princess Charlène in mortal danger?

In addition to all the speculative headlines, however, the concern for Princess Charlène is in the foreground. The last pictures on which the 43-year-old was seen clearly showed an enormous weight loss, which Albert also confirmed. After Charlene’s return from South Africa, the family quickly realized that “it would be best if they could relax outside Monaco,” said Albert.

He does not divulge precise information about what his wife is suffering from due to privacy, but he explains that it would not be a life-threatening illness, as has been read in various media reports in recent days. “The princess does not suffer from a serious or incurable disease”clarifies Albert. The mother of the twins Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella, both 6, will certainly have to stay in the clinic for several weeks in order to regain their old strength.

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