Prime Video premiered the first photo of Emma Roberts in Space Cadet, her new movie

Prime Video

Emma Roberts will be the great protagonist of Space Cadet and Prime Video has just released its first photograph. Look!

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Prime Video It is in the best moment of creation. The platform does not stop making surprising premieres that enchant viewers like all those who arrive in November. And now, in addition, it will add a new one in which Emma Roberts will be the protagonist. Is about space cadet, a film that will be released on this on-demand service and of which the actress has absolute control. Well, not only will she play the main character, but she also produces it.

+ All about Space Cadet and first photo of Emma Roberts:

Space Cadet is a romantic comedy Prime Video which currently does not have a release date. Even so, it is speculated that it could reach the platform next year because it began filming in September. The news broke when Deadline confirmed that emma roberts will officiate as the protagonist and producer of this feature film. Of course, it should be noted that she will not be alone.

This is because the script of space cadet will be commanded by Liz W. Garcia like the address. This news was a big surprise because it is Garcia’s first performance as a director. Although, the truth is that at the moment not much more is known about it. In fact, it is not known who will accompany Roberts in the cast. Anyway Prime Video has just released the first official image of the film.

In it she is seen emma roberts dressed in a spacesuit and very happy to be in front of the tape. “The stars will shine very bright. The first official image of Space Cadet with Emma Roberts has just arrivedr”, wrote the official Prime Video page to accompany the postcard. And this image has already gone viral because the film is one of the most anticipated on the platform’s next calendar.

What is it about? space cadet follows Rex, a Florida party girl who actually turns out to be the only hope for a NASA space program. And it is a coincidence that leads her to be in training with other candidates with better resumes, but not with her intelligence, heart and style.

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